So I have been flying FPV planes for awile. I have A Juggernaut and a Flinch as well as a scratch built twin boom sky hunter-esk plane. I love to fly these thing but I have been wanting to get into multi rotors and recently a friend who flys multi rotors gave me a few sets of motor/esc it is time to give it a try. I really like proximity flying with planes and the mini multi rotors seem to take proximity flying to a new level so that is what I think I am going to get into. I have decided on this mini try
because it will accommodate the motors/esc's that I currently have and is a mini multi that should be good at proximity. My main question is about the Flight Controller. I am looking for a flight controller that is easy to setup and is eather easy to tune or does not need much tuning. What I am not looking for is gps/altitude/hold and so on (NO NAZA!)
the main FC's that I have been looking at are the
KK2 (easy to tune but needs more tuning)
Naze32 (Needs less tuning but seems a bit harder to setup)
Flip 1.5 (comes pre setup and may not need tuning)
and your job is to help me decide which one to go with.
these are the three that I have come up with but I am sure there are other great options. One last thing is that I only have a Mac so if the FC does need to be configured/tuned by a computer it would b great if it had an interface that works with Mac's.

If you have a suggestion of which of these flight controllers would be best for me or have another FC to suggest please let me know. Thanks