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Thread: TBS CORE PRO - Full-feature OSD from the sheep that matter

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    TBS CORE PRO - Full-feature OSD from the sheep that matter

    Announcing the TBS CORE PRO - full-feature OSD

    The TBS CORE PNP line has been very popular among the FPV crowd for its ease of use and quick installation, as well as compatibility with a wide variety of video transmitters, FPV cameras and input voltages (2S to 6S). The TBS CORE PRO takes it to the next level, with GPS capability and a digital, high accuracy current sensor, making this the most advanced OSD system available. The on screen data is easy to read, made possible by a custom font-face developed for improved readability, and years of in-flight experience. On top of that, it will be the only OSD that will ever answer the age-old question: Did you just fly like a girl?

    The built-in OSD provides vital information of the state of the aircraft. No more throttle loss due to over depleted batteries, flying at the edge of control signal, or forgetting to charge spare FPV system batteries. Coupled with the new GPS module, the OSD will help you navigate and estimate distances, speed, and heading. Should your main battery or ESC die, the secondary battery port can power your FPV system AND your model aircraft for a gentle descent with running video system (for airplanes only!)

    In a nutshell, the TBS CORE PNP PRO is a light-weight OSD and filtered power supply, feeding the pilot camera and video transmitter, in one compact package. It makes FPV setups super-easy and is a safety feature every FPV aircraft should have. Suitable for any airplane and multirotor of any size. The simplified wiring reduces points of failure and lets you focus on flying instead of tinkering. All cables are shielded, further reducing the complexity of wiring and ensuring a noise-free video feed.

    Check out the manual

    • Dual 2S to 6S input voltage - additional input for backup (2S only)
    • Constant 5V @ max. 2A and 12V @ max. 600mA - individually, not combined!
    • OSD with GPS, battery voltage, current consumption, signal strength, callsign and timer display
    • Telemetry audio downlink or video input and mono audio pass-through (available via later software-update)
    • Very high switching efficiency
    • Extremely low ripple and low RF noise, two stage filtered and shielded casing
    • Supports 1W VTX with only minor airflow
    • All necessary cables included
    • Software upgradable and configurable (Windows required)
    • Small size, 27mm x 47mm x12mm, only 15.6 grams
    • Note: the current sensor accepts XT60 battery plugs.

    • TBS CORE PNP PRO unit
    • TBS CORE Digital Current Sensor (100A) with XT60 plugs
    • 1x 5V VTx Pigtail cable for TBS VTx
    • 1x 12V Camera Pigtail cable for TBS69 / TBS59
    • 1x 12V Camera Pigtail cable for TBS ChipChip
    • 1x 50cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable
    • 1x 40cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable
    • 1x 30cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable
    • 1x 20cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable
    • 1x 10cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

    Expected retail price: 89.95 USD

    Optional accessory:
    • TBS GPS Unit (79.95 USD)

    Note: This is a early stage release of the TBS CORE PNP PRO GPS Unit. It contains a shrink-tube enclosure instead of plastic. The GPS enclosures are expected to arrive end of August.

    Release schedule:
    • Friday, June 13th - Official Announcement (that's this post right here)
    • Monday, June 16th, 10pm (UTC+8) - Preorder start
    • Friday, June 20th - Delivery start

    Initial units are limited and will be shipped out on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Q: Will this replace the current line of COREs?
    A: No, this is a separate add-on. A separate cable will be provided to connect the CORE PRO to the DISCOVERY PRO. There are no separate cables required to connect them to the DISCOVERY or any other quad.

    Q: Does this work with ImmersionRC video transmitters?
    A: Yes. We will provide a set of cables to make this a plug and play experience.

    Q: What is the difference to the CORE PNP25/PNP50?
    A: It adds GPS support, and has a digital current sensor. For now. there is a lot of stuff in the pipeline (software wise) which will make the CORE PNP PRO stand out further from the rest. We are currently implementing new features on a weekly basis, and upgrading couldn't be smoother with the TBS Agent software.

    Q: Does it support trackers?
    A: It has support for trackers built into the hardware. But we haven't implemented them yet. We're not really big fans of trackers, as you all know. If there is demand for it, please ask your favorite tracker supplier to open up their protocols and we will add implementation for it.

    Q: Can the CORE PRO read the NAZA GPS data?
    A: No. We are working on a unit that will translate the GPS information. This should be available mid August (no promises ... you know how well they hold up). It will be a separate add-on and work together with the TBS CORE PNP PRO.

    Q: I have a pending order. How can I add or upgrade?
    A: If you want to add the CORE PRO to your order, you can do so by clicking on your "Shipped-yet" link (it's in the order confirmation e-mail). To change your existing TBS CORE, TBS CORE PNP25 or TBS CORE PNP50 order into a CORE PRO please open up a support ticket through

    Release notes:

    ​V1.51 2016-06-15
    - added: Smart audio and PitMode support added for new TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV
    - added: More settings selectable under TBS Agent
    - added: Friendly warning if VTX is locked and user try to select a forbidden power or channel setting
    - fixed: Home arrow working if TBS GPS is used with TBS COLIBRI RACE
    - improved: RC calibration and RC provider selection
    - improved: TBS COLIBRI RACE detection on power up

    V1.48 2016-04-19 ( including versions from V1.35 to V1.48 )
    - added: TBS VENDETTA and improved TBS POWER CUBE support
    - added: New and more detailed TBS BLACKBOX logging in CSV format
    - added: and support for new log format
    - added: Call sign editor by OSD menu
    - added: Menu navigation by sticks ( only if no mixers are active on remote )
    - improved: OSD and pixel stability
    - improved: RC calibration
    - improved: APM and PX4 support

    ************************************************** *
    V1.48 2016-04-19
    - fixed: RC calibration for mid and end points
    - modified: FC RC provider order under RC calibration

    V1.45 2016-03-25
    - added: Seral number and date added to TBS BLACKBOX header file

    V1.44 2016-03-23
    - fixed: IMRC audio telemetry will be enabled if enabled by menu and smart audio is not active
    - fixed: Altitude fixed for IMRC audio telemetry
    - fixed: Some small TBS BLACKBOX fixes
    - modified: Handshake and stand-alone trigger for TBS BLACKBOX

    V1.43 2016-03-10
    - added: Show smart audio VTX with current frequency on booting screen
    - modified: BST blocking and recovering handler updated for better recovery
    - fixed: Avoid VTX from resetting to factory defaults
    - fixed: Call sign editor
    - fixed: Heading shows up on upper left corner if current position entry is disabled
    - fixed: Hide looptime for betaflight inside the menu

    V1.42 2016-03-04
    - added: Option to skip RC calibration if RC provider is Crossfire by BST
    - fixed: GPS for ArduPlane 3.5.0
    - fixed: Some small bug fixes
    - note: RC calibration under crossfire only works if there is no mixer active on the remote

    V1.41 2016-02-26
    - added: BST heartbeat added for TBS Crossfire
    - modified: Increased smart audio stability
    - modified: Some small code changes

    V1.40 2016-02-13
    - added: Call sign under VTX menu to unlock VTx (ux improvement)
    - added: Flight mode for APM and PX4 ( requires TBS CROSSFIRE V1.13 or newer or TBS BLACKBOX )
    - added: "Air mode" flight mode added for Betaflight
    - added: Supported receivers extended for ColibriRACE selectable via
    - added: Crossfire is a RC frame source via BST. Navigate through TBS CORE PRO menu with
    remote sticks, without ColibriRACE ( TBS CORE PRO firmware V1.40 or newer )
    - modified: Menu option to make LED change according to frequency instead of channel
    - modified: Improved OSD and pixel stability
    - modified: Code internal changes
    - fixed: BST GPS support while using power cube
    - fixed: Some small bug fixes

    TBS Blackbox
    - added: Forward flight status to TBS CORE PNP PRO
    - added: .csv as new logging format on SD card
    - added: TBS Crossfire full logging support added
    - modified: Logging speed updated from 1Hz to 5Hz

    V1.35 2016-01-26
    - added: Cleanflight version on booting screen
    - added: HAM license verification via Callsign for VTX
    - modified: Menu option to make LED change according to VTX channel
    - fixed: Some bug fixes
    ************************************************** *

    V1.32 2015-12-22
    - fixed: Home distance in km
    - modified: Use FC heading instead of GPS heading if available

    V1.31 2015-12-19
    - added: Smart audio support for TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 including channel, frequency, power selection
    - added: LED color changes according to VTX channel ( BETA )
    - added: ACC calibration for Cleanflight FC
    - added: Gyro filter settings for Cleanflight FC
    - added: Motor idle status ( spin / stop ) selectable by menu
    - added: Ability to switch RC mode ( PPM, SBUS, Spectrum ) on RC calibration by enter button
    - added: Load RC calibration from Cleanflight
    - added: Skippable mode switch on RC Calibration
    - added: Armed/Disarmed flight status for cleanflight FC
    - added: mAh/min capacity usage entry added
    - added: Current voltage to summary screen
    - modified: Warning timing and flight status are different for racer and copter/wing
    - modified: BST more robust against noise and blocking
    - modified: New TBS logo added
    - modified: Rework all OSD entries and booting screen
    - fixed: Some bug fixes

    V1.25 2015-09-17
    - added: TBS Crossfire support
    - added: TBS Power Cube support
    - added: Disable summary screen option
    - added: Artificial horizon for Pixhawk, MavLink or Colibri Race FC
    - added: Airspeed entry for Pixhawk, MavLink FC
    - added: Raw value for RSSI calibration
    - modified: Menu restructured

    V1.12 2015-04-17
    - added: Selectable flight judgement on summary screen
    - added: Possibility to show the satellite counter all the time
    - added: Possibility to show current heading
    - added: IMRC Audio telemetry ( For testing only, not officially supported )
    - added: MAVLink support together with TBS BLACKBOX
    - fixed: Operation mode of current sensor changed to have more stable values

    V1.06 2014-10-27
    - added: Blackbox stand-alone recording
    - fixed: Landing detection only if a GPS is attached
    - fixed: Some bug fixes

    V1.05 2014-09-10
    - added: Variable pop-up warning duration selectable in the menu
    - added: Rework on voltage warning. If selected a value below 1s (4,2V) it will be scaled up on how many cells are currently connected. Usable if you fly different cell types on the same target
    - added: Current and capacity correction selectable in the menu
    - fixed: Blackbox update issue fixed
    - fixed: Some bug fixes

    V1.04 2014-07-29
    - added: extended BST error handling (measures the health of the BST bus and shows warnings if there are too many issues to solve during the flight )
    - added: TBS Blackbox support
    - fixed: Some internal bug fixes and restructures of the code

    V1.03 2014-06-20
    - fixed: Imperial system for summary screen (max distance, travel and altitude )

    v1.01 2014-05-31
    - First release
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    Please contact me about order #126041 as I would like to upgrade and pay the difference.

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    nightram,added a FAQ for you

    Q: I have a pending order. How can I add or upgrade?
    A: If you want to add the CORE PRO to your order, you can do so by clicking on your "Shipped-yet" link (it's in the order confirmation e-mail). To change your existing TBS CORE, TBS CORE PNP25 or TBS CORE PNP50 order into a CORE PRO please open up a support ticket through

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    Cheers, I will let your support team read ticket #699668

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    It sounds great Trappy... also it will be very interesting the naza gps reading feature.


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    Very nice, but just one remark

    For planes the core will be placed near the sensor, so a shorter cable is requiered and far from the receiver so a longer link cable is required.

    I mean this could be a revolution to use in fpv planes, if those 2 requirement were met .
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    Is this why you've been out of stock of the Pros for the longest? Will this be included with the Pro once you start shipping them again?

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    rlage, this is why we include 5 "BST" cables in various lenghts. the sensor can be placed wherever, in releation to the CORE, and the CORE can be placed wherever, in relation to the camera (with optional "TBS59/69 camera cable", for example).

    ROne21, read the FAQ please it's not related.

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    Is the GPS exclusive for the OSD or can you piggyback on any GPS receiver that people probably already have installed? In the end it's just a serial port that you can multiplex. I don't like the idea of adding an extra GPS rx solely for OSD of its data. Would be cool if one could extend this CORE with a module that adds autopilot functions, for plane and multirotors. Then it all would make sense, people can start with this and extend to their liking instead of having to duplicate stuff.

    Why have almost all the hardware to offer an *actual* safety feature such as RTH but not implement it? Or can this CORE control an external FC?

    Just pondering.
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    as mentioned earlier, we will add an option to interface with the most popular flight control(s) via a separate device that will also perform other tasks. More on that later, a few hints are dropped in the manual. you can't piggy-back any GPS simply because we also have a compass on there, and both of them are combined into a serial data stream with a proprietary protocol. for the next 2-3 months, you will need to rely on the built-in GPS to get GPS functionality. On planes where no autopilot is needed (e.g. the caipirinha) or on quads that don't have GPS, you have that option also.

    the CORE PRO is an OSD, and it will remain an OSD. if you want the all-in-one solution, please check the EagleTree Vector (that will probably come out or be buggy as hell). better have one device that does what it's supposed to do well.

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