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Thread: Editing Gopro clips

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    Editing Gopro clips

    Hi !

    What are the most common steps for editing Gopro footage ?

    I am using Vegas 10 but get a bit lost in the different steps needed and what the best settings are for rendering.

    - is deinterlacing necessary ? How to do ?
    - what is the best compression and file type ?



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    i use iMovie on my macbook pro...

    it is so freaking easy it's not funny

    >import entire clip
    >pick out all the good shots, cut the boring stuff, make sure the clips are at least 10 sec long
    >if you have multiple passes at a target, delete the repeats that are of lesser quality
    >see how long the clips you have add up to, pick a song that is shorter by about 10 seconds, make sure it matches the mood of the flying
    >trim the shots so they line up with the music
    >export/ compress

    i try to get my clips cut down as much as possible, trim all the shots as much as you can (depending on the song) keep the video as short as it needs to be- i am always skipping through peoples videos i try to make mine so they are over by the time you think about skipping through

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    I'm also a Mac guy and I use Final Cut Pro. Not sure about Vegas, but you need to figure out what resolution you're recording on the GoPro (r3, r5?) and then set a matching resolution in Vegas (I believe in the timeline or something you set the settings). So, if you recorded @ 720p then you want to run a 720p resolution, and not a 1080p as you'll blowing up the 720 native picture. On the other hand if you have a mix of 1080p and 720p, you could do a 720p resolution movie and size down (or even zoom in) on the 1080 footage.

    Most of my videos are 720 since I have a mix and want the best quality at 720p at least. Hopefully some Vegas pros can help. Daemon on RCG is an expert on Vegas and could have a real detailed answer for you I'm sure.

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    I for myself choose the music I want first, it makes it easier to line up the video.
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    Editing - Keep or trash?

    Agreed! ^ For this latest video I had a song in mind and then edited clips I thought would be good, imported the song and clips into Final Cut Pro and started cutting down the "selects" I exported out before editing began in FCP. In the end, there are 3:25 mins of final cuts, but there are close to 20 minutes of clips that couldn't make it. When I realize a clip isn't going to make it in the final video I make a second sequence and dump all the "cutting room floor" clips into that. I mean, they too are some pretty cool clips or longer parts that I could use later for another video... so they stick around somewhere.

    I probably could make 2 hours of videos just from the cuts that didn't make it in in 2011.... but alas, they might never be seen again if I never get around to them.

    A good editor will have to kill stuff that is great.... unless amazing and able to work into other videos from it... but I find redundancy is the kill factor for FPV videos. If someone did it in the first minute and everything looks the same then the viewer might not be into it by minute 4. In this latest video I was right to the edge of redundant material since I wanted to use steadier footage.

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    thats an awesome video!!

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    I use Vegas 9....I dont deinterlace. I use one of the HD templates to render...same as you recorded in. Also youtube has many tutorials on editing with Vegas....I look at those often.

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    CaliDave - THAT is a phenomenal video - perfect example - I didn't skip through at all.

    Why is the water red?
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    I have watched this video at least half a dozen times. It is great! Thanks for the effort.


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    Thanks Hector & Scotttu!

    The water is read because of the dying organisms in it... they are slat flats and the different colors are algae growing and other stuff dying so each salt flat will look differently depending on where along in the process it is. I don't think that is an active salt flat so it may just be super salty and killed everything and maybe rust in there too? It's really interesting to fly over, and I feel like my plane would dissolve if I went into it. ;-)

    I hope to never prove that, however I was thinking it would be a super cool scene for an FPV boat!

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