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Thread: CineTank Mk.I - user power combo database

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    Hi, here my current setup.

    Important to note: I tweaked the original setup with the Aerial Mob Arm Extension to be able to use longer props (here 14 inch).

    Current Setup
    • Tiger Motor CF Prop 14x4.8
    • Tiger Motor MN3110-26 470 KV
    • Telefly Pro
    • Naza M V2
    • Naza GPS
    • 2.4G Data Link
    • EzUHF Rx
    • Telefly Current Sensor
    • Naza LED
    • Naza Power Unit
    • Immersion Tx
    • FlyTrex Core 2
    • TBS Core PnP
    • Aerial Mob Arm Extension
    • TBS Cam 69
    • Immersion Spiro Antenna

    AUW: 1722 grams (without battery)

    Flight Times
    • 5300 mAh 4S Lipo (+588 grams): 17 minutes - 10% remaining battery power
    • 4000 mAh 4S Lipo (+450 grams): 15 minutes - 0% remaining battery power

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cinetank Mk1 short arms, iPower MT2217-930, ESC iPeaka 30A SK, APC MR 9x4.5 props, Nanotech 4S 4000mAh battery, APM 2.6, AUW 1.71kg, 9mn fly time (14% remaining)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cinetank MK1-L

    Motors: Sunnysky 2216 650kv
    Props: APC 12x6
    ESC: Velotech 20A Stick (located in arms... no issues to date, but I haven't tested in hot weather)
    Flight Controller: APM 2.6 w/ 3DR gps and current sensor
    OSD: Minim OSD w/ KVteam mod
    Reciever:EZuhf 4ch w/ppm
    Camera: runcam skycam
    Video TX: Readymade RC 1.3 200mw
    Recording cam: Mobius for now
    Battery: 4S 5000 20c turnigy. (plan to try 6600 Multistar batteries... roughly same size and weight as turnigy 5000, but more capacity)
    AUW: 1930g Frame height increased to 36mm to fit the 5000 batteries in the frame.

    Flight times: 18min hover, 15-16 minutes mild FPV flight with the 5000mah packs. I expect an extra few minutes with the 6600 multistar batts, but haven't tested.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice setup, slnelso.

    What size spacer are you using for the top deck to fit that battery in?

    I'll be interested to hear how you go with the Multistar LIPO. I was considering using them but the reviews seem to be fairly critical around voltage sagging so decided to play it safe (at least initially).

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    Thanks Matt.

    I'm using 36mm spacers, and they are just tall enough for the 4s 5000s. There's also a trick to installing this size in the frame... I have to slide the battery in diagonally from the rear corner as the width between the rear two standoffs is not quite wide enough for this size pack. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of if you want to put this size batter in the frame.

    I've also read mixed reviews on the multistars. Seems like most of the reviewers that have trouble with them are pushing the limits of the C rating for those batteries, but its hard to say for sure. The Multistars are rated for 10 C continous, and 20 burst. On the 6600mah packs I'm eyeing up, that 66A continous. The peak I've seen on my OSD during a punch out is just under 50A, so I should be OK with that size pack. However, that likely wouldn't be the case running a 3000-4000 mah multistar pack (rated for 30A-40A continuous). I suspect that's where most have the trouble.

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