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Thread: FPV Peace Drone, collapsible canard platform

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    FPV Peace Drone, collapsible canard platform

    Here are some details on an FPV platform I've been working on for a few months that I believe is now to the point of being worth sharing.

    It is a 1300g AUW, single pusher motor, canard planform aircraft that collapses into a package about 8x8x32" for transport. It's made almost entirely of Readi-Board (aka Dollar Tree foamboard) and takes a 250 watt range motor, two servos in elevon configuration, and carries FPV gear in a removal nose pod that is well separated from the flight electronics.

    I have carried a CCD board camera and a GoPro and tested up to 600g of payload. It is very roomy inside (6 liters of internal volume) and could accommodate Arduinos, OSD, still camera, telemetry, etc. The payload space is one long contiguous area that allows shifting of items fore and aft to balance the aircraft. The flight batteries are by default directly at the CG.

    Since every single cut is straight 90 degrees, and very few of them, I don't intend to make actual paper plans but I have made an extensive video series on the airfoil and fuselage tube construction on my YouTube channel. 5 sheets of foamboard, packing tape, hot glue, a few plastic gift cards, carbon arrow shafts, some 4mm carbon fiber or dowels, and the standard suite of electronics is all that is needed.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, improvements, comments. Note that I'm relatively new to FPV so my flight footage is limited at the moment. My videos will typically focus on airframes and construction.

    Be well,

    Canard CG calculator, very trustworthy, but as with every aircraft err on the nose-heavy side to start.


    Some of the considerations and idiosyncracies that have come up as other builders have begun testing this aircraft design:
    1. Err generously on the nose-heavy principle for stability, especially for maiden flight. Use the calculator, weight the nose for a CG 2" ahead of that, trim up-elevator, and fly.
    2. Use little to no elevon differential. Too much unopposed upgoing elevon will cause a climbing turn upon roll input.
    3. Provide ample vertical stabilizer surface. Having the vert. stabs. close to the CG makes size important to make up for the short yaw moment.
    4. Keep speed up for stability. Vertical stabilizers need steady flow of air to provide stability. I estimate 10mph+ to be ample.
    5. Use a rigid or firm wing fixation to avoid torsion of wing vs. canard in flight. If you use rubber bands use plenty.
    6. Avoid aggressive low-speed maneuvering. The momentum of the inherently heavy tail section coupled with low airflow volume over the vertical stabilizers can cause a slip that may result in the tail sliding outward from the flight path and eventually a spin.

    Peace Drone version 2 flying video

    Peace Drone version 2 details video:

    Peace Drone version 1 (original thin fuselage) video:


    wingspan (main) 60” 152.4 cm
    wingspan (canard) 30” 76.2 cm
    chord (main) 7” 12.2 cm
    chord (canard) 6” 17.8 cm
    GG (from canard LE) 14” 35.5 cm
    LE to LE distance 21” 53.3 cm
    vertical stabilizers (total) 110”sq 7 sq.dm

    fuselage length (base) 30” 76.2 cm
    overall length (typical) 45” 114.3 cm
    fuselage internal diameter 3” 7.6 cm
    fuselage exterior diameter 3.5” 8.9cm

    empty weight 1100g
    AUW, 1x2200mAh, FPV, CCD 1350g
    AUW, 1x2200mAh, GoPro, FPV 1500g

    Payload (with 15” mission pod):
    total internal volume 405 cu. inches 6.6 liters
    typical payload volume 135 cu. inches 2.2 liters
    tested payload weight 17 oz 500 grams

    tested with 1100kV outrunner, 250 watts, 70g size, 10x4.5 SF
    40 amp ESC
    3-cell LiPo 2200mAh using 1-4 batteries in parallel
    5 amp switching BEC voltage regulator for flight electronics

    flat bottom cambered Aquila style, rough dimensional equivalent to NACA 8416
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    Thank you for accepting my invite so fast - I think that this plane will be a hit for the guys here. After i saw it I immediately saw the potential. Welcome aboard.
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    Concept sounds great; i'll hafta check out the vids when i'm on a pc and not my phone heh.. 3g and youtube don't play well for me.. maybe just because i'm impatient =]
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    Looks good man, welcome to the forums. Can never get enough scratch builds.
    FPV is not a crime!


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    Looks *awesome*. I think I have a winter project lined up.... how does your model handle the wind?

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    My new Hero ! You've convinced me, I'm not going to buy another plane. I'm going to fly my Easystar and build a Peace Drone.
    Thank you for all of your work.

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    I think we need to get this on paper at some point
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    Just finished watching some of the videos and I'm convinced. My next build will be out of foamcore. Great ideas!
    About to maiden my Fascination...

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    I'm happy to see you signed up here! h0tr0d showed me some of your videos a couple days ago, and the wheels started to spin... I picked up some foam board today in fact!
    AKA Bonafidepirate

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    ha, that is cool to see different stuff. i'm wondering what the xlfr stats of this look like

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