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Thread: FlyingCinema CineGimbal now in stock

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    I looked back at other videos. Looks like dr_patso talks about the fix here:

    From the manual:
    AHRS - options influencing camera angle determination accuracy.
    ◦Gyro trust – The higher is value, the more trust to the gyro data compared with the accelerometer data when estimating angles. It can reduce errors caused by accelerations during moving, but also decreases gyro drift compensation, resulting in horizon drift in time. For smooth flying, it is recommended to set low values (40-80), which will give more stable horizon for longer time. For aggressive flying, it's better to set higher values (100-150).
    ◦Accelerations compensation – enable it to use a physical model of multirotor to compensate accelerations during flight. This option works only when external FC is connected and calibrated.

    I'll have to give this a shot this week.

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    Hmm I never really noticed that. I just thought that it was either the fisheye or it looks like that because the earth is round haha. My gopro also doesn't sit completely flat, it often tends to pop up on one side ever so slightly. I'll definitely look into it a bit more though. Let me know what you find.

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    FlyingCinema CineGimbal now in stock

    I just received my cinegimbal parts in the mail.
    As I'm building, I'm running into some problems. I'll try to put them all into one post so far.

    Problem #1. I seem to have the wrong standoffs in my kit.

    The manual shows that I should have at least:

    But instead my kit came with:

    So I seem to be missing all the 12mm standoffs I need, and I have a bunch of 25mm standoffs I don't need. (And if I had just 4 more 35mm, I could convert my Cinetank's clean section over to 35mm instead of 30, which I'd actually really like to do.)

    Problem #2: Motors can't turn because of e-clips
    I'm using T-Motor 2208s. When I mount the motors to the gimbal frame, the e-clips on the motors catch on the frame and prevent the motors from turning. Has anybody else hit this problem? Got a solution? I'm concerned if I file out the center of the motor mounts I'll remove so much material the bolts won't hold anymore.

    Problem #3: Front plate opening still isn't quite big enough for Xiaomi Yi lens.
    Is the camera supposed to sit on top of the two standoffs underneath it? Mine doesn't. The lens sits on the bottom of the faceplate cutout and prevents the camera from fully seating into the gimbal frame, so it sits at a little bit of an angle. I'm either going to have to put a shim underneath the camera to hold it up straight, or file out some more of the faceplate. I just ordered the cinegimbal this week. Is there a possibility that I somehow got the V1 faceplate? Also, the two velcro straps that came with the kit are very nice, but unless I'm somehow not using them correctly, they're too long. If they're meant to also go through the slots on the bottom of the frame underneath the camera, then they're also too wide.
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