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Thread: Ardu board issues (HKPilot 2.5)

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    Well, thinking about it a bit more, if you currently aren't seeing any voltage on the output of your PM (between the wires on each edge of the wire bundle), then your PM is likely dead. And if your APM works when powered by the USB then it's likely not toast.

    Were it me, here's what I'd to to test the APM and see if the fuse is OK. I'd disconnect the servo from Output pin 7. I'd make sure some power is being provided to the output rail, either via one of the three ESCs (the easiest) or by a separate BEC. I'd then plug in JP1 and power up the whole thing. If your APM comes on than your fuse is OK and it's just a bad PM. If the APM remains dark, then the fuse or a zener diode is blown. You've probably seen this page on powering your APM. It shows the circuitry of the fuse and zener diode. If your fuse is blown, you can still salvage it by providing power to the APM via the input rail using a BEC, bypassing the fuse, but the voltage provided is very critical. That's also explained on the page I just linked to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxdie View Post
    Ok, So I'm gonna go super newbie, here is the DF13 connected to the PM. To the best of knowledge its in correctly, should only connect on way, right?
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    Here I am taking the voltage across the connector while connected to Turnigy nano-tech 2200 3S 25-50C battery. It is giving a negative reading, and this is when I realize the wires are "twisted", connected to opposite side of the male connectors on opposite side of the cable. The cable that came with HK PM isn't "twisted", the wire order is the same on both ends. Maybe this is a difference between the 3DR and HK boards? Also, if I reverse the multimeter leads I get a positive 0.15.
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    Here is the blown DF13 that came with the PM next to the one I ordered from 3DRobotics. I caught fire when I plugged the battery in while doing some of the initial setup.
    Attachment 46940

    So I guess the PM is wrecked according to the V reading? Still curious about the DF13 but if I order another PM I'll get another on with it.

    Thanks again for your help!


    I have an HKpilot board and also bought from HK the power module... now I realize that cable is not fitting the connector on the board... I can see that one of the cables is twisted but the problem is that not fit the board side.... I wonder if you can explain me (in order to avoid a burnt) how should one connect in case I find a proper cable connector female (leaving the board asi is)!!! thanks in advance

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