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Thread: KV OSD Showing "Disarmed" on compass

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    KV OSD Showing "Disarmed" on compass

    Hey All,
    I'm having a weird issue with my OSD. I'm running the 2.2 release of KV OSD with a Naze32 board.

    Anyways, For whatever reason when the heading is between 270 and 359 degrees rather than showing the cardinal direction it displays "DISARMED". The DISARMED portion actually moves like it's part of the compass display.

    Here's a link to an image of what I'm seeing:

    I've cleared the EEPROM and reflashed multiple times. But this issue still persists. If I disconnect the Naze32 and connect a serial connection and use the sim through the GUI then it actually shows correctly. So I'm not really sure what to make of this. It seems like it's an issue with the OSD but at the same time it does away when using the sim.

    Any idea what's causing this?


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    Well I've found the issue. It looks like MW OSD has addressed this by using the "BASEFLIGHT" define. Uncommenting this out fixes the issue.


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    I had the same issue with my setup, Jared suggested I add a line of code to KV OSD that was present in MW OSD. It worked! Thanks Jared!

    In the KV_TEAM_OSD project folder, open serial.ino and after line 139, add the following:

    if (MwHeading >= + 180) MwHeading -= 360; // added line
    The comment after "//" can be anything that floats your boat... Here's what it looks like in mine:

    After editing that, I zero'd the board then started from scratch. I wrote the code to it using ArduinoIDE as usual, then used the GUI to do the initial setup. Now the compass works fine!

    AKA Bonafidepirate

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