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Thread: LiPo Charging 'In the Field'...

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    I just have a cheap 1000w (900 continuous) generator that was about $350, when it dies I will get myself a Honda. Quad and plane requirements are much easier than Heli's. My 700 Heli takes 12s 4500mah and my 770 has 14s 4400mah so you normally only buy a couple of packs and use a generator to recharge them. With the cells now you can do 2-3C charges without impacting their life much so a quick 15 minute charge per pack works great.

    You can use an extension cord with the generators and the better quality ones like the Honda and Yamaha are very quiet.

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    Thanks Dennis.... I have just purchased the Honda EU10i (as it's known in the UK) as I feel it's the better way to go.... this now pretty much completes my setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comrepco View Post
    I think running a Genny, could actually be cheaper than charging 20 LiPo's before I go out every time.... there's also the spontaneity of being able fly and re charge when you want to and not when the batteries that charge the batteries are charged..... if you get what I mean... I like tidy, and the idea of 1 large battery or a Genny appeals to me....
    That's exactly what I did. Got a Honda EU2000i generator. I fly (and go through) lots of 6S 5000mAh batteries that cost about $150 each. I used to feel that I needed to "stock" six of them for a good day's flying since I had to charge them up at home before hitting the field. That's $900 right there for batteries, which are disposable. The Honda generator was $999. Now, I only "stock" two of those batteries, so that's a $600 difference right there. The Honda generator has already paid for itself and not just from the 6S 5000mAh batteries. I do the same thing with the myriad of other battery types I use, too. A good generator can be a great investment and has uses well beyond the R/C hobby, as well.
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