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Thread: Amp draw when Bench Testing (no load)

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    Amp draw when Bench Testing (no load)


    So I've just built my quad and have started bench testing. I have the following setup:

    TBS Discovery w/ Core (current sensor still connected)
    TBS EzOSD w/ GPS and Current Sensor
    TBS Boss 5.8Ghz
    SunnySky x2212 kv980 motors (no props)
    TBS 30A ESC
    Naza-M Lite w/ V-Sens
    Glacier 4S 6000mah LiPo

    I hooked everything up, bound the TX/RX, motors arm properly, EzOSD/TBS Boss transmit to my FatSharks.

    Here is my question:

    When I idle EzOSD reports 0.5A current draw
    When I throttle up to full power - EzOSD reports current draw at max 2.5A

    Is that normal for bench testing (no props/no load)? Or is the current sensor not configured properly?

    I'd expect to see that amp draw increase once I add props - but just seems really low...


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    Never looked at current draw without props on , but mine draws 0.8a at idle (250mw VTX) & about 3 A with motors at slow running speed , So yours sounds about right.
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    Just checked mine. 1.1A when idle. 3.7A on full throttle.

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    Amp draw when Bench Testing (no load)

    My aircraft use between 0.5 and 0.8amp. Most of this is the VTX and Camera in my experience.

    motors don't use much current if you don't put props on them.

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    Awesome. .. I was worried there for a moment

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