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Thread: TBS Boss w/ upgraded shielded video transmitter cable installation

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    TBS Boss w/ upgraded shielded video transmitter cable installation

    So I received my TBS Boss - and in the package, I got two cables.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. 4 wire ~ 5 inches with molex connectors on either end - fits the Boss, fits the vtx port - all good - just not shielded

    2. Shielded cable - molex connector on one end that fits the Boss, 5 wires on the other end (red pwr, black gnd, white audio, yellow video, and a slightly thicker black - not sure what that's for)

    My dilemma - I want to use the shielded cable - but it's huge (guess that's to accommodate folks who send this out to a wingtip)!

    I could cut it, but then I'd have to re-finish it (heat shrink etc.) ... also I thought the point of paying for the upgraded TBS Boss with a TBS discovery was plug N play?

    Would have expected the cable to be the right length and finished with a molex connector that plugs into the TBS Discovery VTX connecter - did I receive the wrong cable?

    Where does that extra thick black wire go? and what does it do?


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    there is no need to shield an 8cm wire. it's wasted weight. after 20-30cm it makes sense to shield, that's why the shielded VTx is only supplied in longer format. for the DISCO you can use the short one.

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    Ahh - Clarity - Trappy you're awesome!


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