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Thread: Spektrum TM1000 w/ TBS Core/ezOSD

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    Spektrum TM1000 w/ TBS Core/ezOSD

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to say that I'm embarking on my first quad build (TBS Discovery w/ FPV)- scared outta my skull, but feel building your first quad is a right of passage to greater things

    So quick n00b question:

    I have a Spektrum DX9 and AR9020 Receiver. I understand that the DX9 supports telemetry via Spektrum's telemetry module - TM1000 (provides flight pack voltage, motor temp, etc) directly to the receiver which is handy when not using FPV.

    So the question I have is how to configure the TM1000 with TBS Core and ezOSD?

    Should I bypass TBS Core altogether and connect the TM1000 voltage sensor straight to the flight pack (as indicated in the TM1000 manual)? or is there a better place to connect it (say somewhere in the TBS core?)


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    The voltage sensor could be soldered on one the frame pads available. There are plenty of them on the frame, which are directly connected to the flight battery.
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    No need to by-pass the CORE, just connect the voltage sensor to one of the frame pads as rlage says, you'll get rx voltage automatically through the RX/TM1000 link, another useful telemetry sensor is the Sp*kt*m altimeter.
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