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Thread: Shipping / Import / Customs / Tax experience Thread

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    Just got the info tonight from my happy wife!! Was a gotcha moment for her!! I'm a former Marine very regimented just painting a picture for you to imagine my evening tonight eating crow!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StabbyTMP View Post
    Ordered the LR Disco pro kit + some other bits and pieces, shipping with UPS was exceptionally fast, but did get hit with the lovely 'GST on imports' - go figure and a brokerage fees total about $340AUD.... oh Australia, you are so good for so many things, but island tax is not one of them.
    If the shipping works out cheaper than the tax, look at splitting the order into parts that are all <$1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byro View Post
    If the shipping works out cheaper than the tax, look at splitting the order into parts that are all <$1000
    yeah there is that, or I could have used the manual adjustment... It was late, I wasn't thinking and was on my second stein of mountain goat... and yet... still no regrets.

    well apart from losing the law mate antenna - can't freaking find the danged thing, so no video tests for me until one from mongrel gear rocks up.

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