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Thread: TBS Discovery adaptor mount gimbal Tarot T-2D

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    TBS Discovery adaptor mount gimbal Tarot T-2D

    I am using a TBS Discovery quadcopter.
    I have a 3D print and I prepare some files to adapt a Tarot T-2D to the TBS.

    I create these files for to put a Tarot Gimbal T-2D into a TBS with no modifications to the frame or to the gimbal.
    I place my FPV camera at the top of the gimbal.

    My files and more info are located into the repository

    I hope you like it

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    I add to youtube some videos showing this adapter

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    excellent, just need a 3d printer

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    Excellent.I would love to see some flight footage.
    Most of the money I made this year I spent on FPV,the rest I just wasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkyincali View Post
    Excellent.I would love to see some flight footage.
    that's an example

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    how does the Gimbal mount to the 3d printed part?? i want to do this but cannot find sufficient information..

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    an example

    @horto89 the gimbal is mounted using a doble side tape

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