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Thread: Mission Statement

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    "Call me old fashioned, but for me making profit is not as important as having a kid (your kid or even my kid) get up from the couch beside the Xbox and in exchange to start build something real, build a real airplane, learn how to solder, learn how electricity works, what is a resistor, what is a propeller, what is an airfoil, why does an airplane fly - etc."

    +1 on this, there is a guy on you tube putting out "spoof" projects, Free electricity, perpetual motion machines etc, Reading through the comments below his video, someone challenged him, said he was wasting peoples time with His "easily disproved projects", the Guys response was "If it gets only 1 kid off his Butt & away from the Xbox/Tv/Internet & spending 2 hours Disproving the video, then it was worth it".

    I grew up in the '60's & '70's, if you wanted a flying model then, you went to the LHS & bought a Kiel-Kraft kit, took it home to your bedroom & got high on the balsa cement & dope, slicing the ends of your fingers off with half a rusty razor blade until you had something that would (usually)crash on the first flight, So go get another & another, Until they did fly...great fun.

    I don't have a problem with ARTF's ,Bought a few Myself when time is constrained, But they didn't give that same feeling of satisfaction when they took off for the first time as something you've toiled over for many happy hours.
    For Me, Flying the Model, Be it fixed-wing, Heli or Multirotor, FPV or LOS, is a MUCH richer experience when I've had a major hand in the build.
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    Here is an extreme example. On another thread someone was asking about how much battery would be required to fly the RTF long range airplane 50k. The answer was given, but it turns out that the user actually wanted to know how much battery would be required to fly 50k out and 50k back. Now, I don't know much about the person who asked the question, but my guess is that they had never flown more than 1k. Each kilometer is exponentially more difficult. Everything starts to matter- component placement, noisy components, even things like whether you fly in aided mode which can use more battery to drive the servos. Whether your battery is big enough is only one of about 100 questions that needs to be asked. I predict that this guy is going to lawn dart a $2000 airframe because the RTF wasn't set up properly, and they let the battery run down on their groundstation goggles. The point is that everyone needs to start small and close, and work their way up to long distance. RTF airframes short circuit this process because the knowledge is fragile- there is no flexible problem solving skill set that has been developed by starting small.

    Here is the link:

    Now, I could be wrong- this guy could be perfectly competent to set this up. But to pull off such a flight I believe that you need a full suite of measurement tools (RFExplorer, TX power meter), have really good soldering skills to do the shielded wires, and a lot of flight experience to know how not to panic when the goggles get noisy. It took Sentry many many flights to work his way up to 20miles away and he is really good. The issue I have is that we give the sense (especially with RTF planes) that it is only a matter of enough battery to get long range. Battery is the least of your worries and it is really, really hard to fly long range. If these guys didn't have the potential to crash and start a lipo fire, I wouldn't worry about it. But it is just one idiot flying into a crowded area (like the multirotor accident in Australia) that can lead to draconian laws being passed (like the current ban in Spain).

    Based on this, my conclusion is that by making RTF planes a commodity we increase the risk of new laws regulating our hobby.
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