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Thread: 600mW TX and Dominator RX No picture

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    thanks but the other system i have is fox tech, so i cannot use it to test the tx.
    I found the UK repair centre and emailed them just now. So we will see what they say.
    Cheers Lee

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    Just to be sure, have tested the switch located below the module?

    There are 2 positions, 1 for module and other for external video connection. Maybe is set as external video.
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    Thanks mate,
    Yes i tried in both positions to be sure.
    But..... you won't believe this. After not touching it for a few days, now its working????
    I will just have to put it down to something was loose somewhere, and now its not.
    I'm so happy, that one thing doesn't need $$$ thrown at it, because i have a lot of other things that do.
    Thanks for the help guys.

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