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Thread: Hello from East Tennessee

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    Hello from East Tennessee

    I got into quad copters about 6 months ago for the purpose of promoting my business. I buy and sell rural acreage throughout the southeast. I started out with a cheap quad from xheli($50) then upgraded to another cheap heli($250). I'm now ready to get serious with aerial photography/video. I'm not sure this is the place to ask questions but here they are...please let me know if they need to be asked elsewhere.

    I sell land ranging from 5 to 100 acres and feel I can best describe the land through video and hopefully aerial video soon. I've never flown by FPV. I have a gopro 3 black(the latest I think).

    -is FPV the way to go? Or can I just continue to fly like I am now( non FPV)
    -can the DISCOVERY PRO be built to fly non FPV or would I be better off with a different model if I choose to go non FPV.

    I'm sold on the use of a quad copter for video footage and I will be upgrading in the very near future. I am very passionate about my business and hope to learn the right way to achieve my goals(good video footage of my products). Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    FPV makes video taking so much easier.
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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
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    FPV easier?

    Is using FPV easier to fly or is it easier for doing video?

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    Yes. and Welcome to the Lab.
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    Welcome. It's good to see another Tennessean on here. Go Vols!

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