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Thread: Favorite MP4 editing software?

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    Favorite MP4 editing software?

    I've not done a ton of movie editing so I'd like to find out from you guys (Trappy!?) etc - which software you prefer for making your movies in..

    I've done some cool stuff with Windows movie maker but it does not support mp4's.

    SO let me hear what you guys think.

    I bought a new GoPro and look forward to doing some videos...even on (gasp) Nitro..
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    I don't recall what I did but I've used Windows movie maker for all my gopro videos until I switched to Vega Pro 10. Think it was a codec pack to install or something like that.
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    Right now I'm exporting this past weekends good clips from .mp4 to .mov files that I'll eventually edit in Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro. Years back I used Premiere, but can't say where it's at on the PC side now. From a Mac perspective Final Cut Pro is very nice.... pretty steep learning curve, and tons to do (I maybe us 5% of what it can do since I just get by). But it's super expensive and since I use mine for work I was able to get that copy covered not on my dime.

    I'm not sure of specifics, but I don't think many people edit in .mp4... but I could be off on that.

    I use the recommended by GoPro free "MPEG Streamclip" to transfer clips I like from my main GoPro recordings. I use the "Apple ProRes 422" setting @ 100% Quality and leave the frame size native to what it was recorded at (typically I record in R3, 720p @ 60fps). That then kicks out .mov files I can use in FCP. FCP does not like .mp4 files... you can guess how I know.

    There may be better ways out there (my videos sure don't look like the GoPro final cuts, but then I'm sure they are using some big dog post production houses to help out with their videos).... I'd like to hear if others have methods that work well for them.

    Oh yeah... if I'm making a clip slow motion (since I record @ 60fps) I then conform the movie to 30fps using "Cinema Tools" first... it is then a true slow motion clip... and then I import that into FCP. Once it's in FPC I can then speed it up if I want part of it at regular speed, or leave it and it's already slow motion. If you put a 60fps clip into FCP and the sequence is set to 30fps then it will treat the 60fps as 30fps and there is no benefit to recording in r3 at that point. But, now I'm getting ahead of the question.

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    I've been using Corel's Video Studio lately. It's good, pretty intuitive and easy to figure out, but it can only do so much. I haven't had any issues editing raw files right off the GoPro with it. I would like to move up to something a little more flexible though...
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    Get a MAC but if that is something outside of the scope, then get a Registered copy of QuickTime.

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    If you are looking for a program to convert your movies to watch on an i-device (iphone/ipad etc), use Handbrake. It's free and really easy to use. (i'm not affiliated with them)

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