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Thread: PPM mixer questions

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    PPM mixer questions

    My Teensy finally arrived so i cobbled together a simple test for it.
    It mixes 2 incoming streams into 1 16 channel out. If an input is removed it just keeps outputting the last valid value which is good. The code to do this is so trivial it is ridiculous thanks to the pulse position library. Take out the setup and definitions and there is only 9 lines of code

    in the world of RC how important is the width of the pulses, everything i have looked they are wider but I'm curious if skinny is a problem
    Also my output is inverted to the norm, Problem with other gear ?????

    My project for this is to input 2 DIY head trackers and strip out the 2 or 3 channels for each tracker then add a set of 6 push buttons to create an Ardupilot mode control without using the TX switches as i hate the idea of trying to remember what combination does what. I realy want 2 cams with their own tracker, 1 for the passenger

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