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Thread: Ritewing TL50 maiden final pre-flight check :)

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    That's some good flying there!! Very smooth!
    (I realize it has nothing to do with your questions but I had to chime in!)
    "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills"- Author unknown


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    If it's going out at WOT that's more likely to be voltage... ie your packs aren't holding voltage and osd is cutting out.

    If it's going out at certain particular throttle ranges... could be ESC RF noise? What ESC are you using?

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    It is ESC noise. . EMI/RFI. . . . a couple of torrids and it seems much better not completely alleviated but considering how close it is to the ESC I will Take it!!
    If I can figure out how to keep the build intact and move the OSD further from the ESC I will but for now I am satisfied with the "test" results. . . we'll see at the field tomorrow.

    Thanks Scottu!! It has been an adventure to get this rig dialed in how I like. . . . Now I am close all I got to do is keep her in one piece. . . This thing has sooo much power that if I am not careful I can just rip the wing in half in the air!! This is what happened to my first attempt:

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