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Thread: We modify Hitec servos for you!

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    We modify Hitec servos for you!

    Did you know that we offer pre-modified servos from our manufacturing facility? When you're on a Hitec servo page, simply look for the drop down boxes (shown in the attached image) that indicate what modification options are available for each specific servo.

    180° Rotation Information:
    When controlled with a radio control system, most hobby servos offer 90° (45° either direction) rotation right out of the box. This can sometimes be increased if your radio system offers end point adjustments or your servo controller has a 180° jumper pin. If you are using Hitec digital servos, you simply want to purchase the hand-held programmer to increase the rotation. If you have an analog servo that only offers 90° of rotation, the amount of rotation can sometimes be increased to 180° by performing a simple modification.

    Continuous Rotation Information:
    When building a robot or a wheeled platform, servos can often be used to drive wheels. In many instances, servos offer better power and are more compact than comparable motors and come with an electronic “speed control” (H-bridge) already attached to control the speed and direction of rotation. Once this modification is performed, your servo will operate as an “open loop” system. This means that the feedback from the potentiometer will be disconnected. The servo will now operate like a gearmotor with a speed control attached to control the speed and direction of rotation. You will be able to control it forward and reverse proportionally. Not all servos are the same when it comes to modifying them for continuous rotation. We have devised a Continuous Modification Difficulty List to help you choose the best and the easiest Hitec servos to modify. Some micro servos have a “half pie” shaped final gear that allows the servo case to be very compact but also means that they cannot be modified for continuous rotation. Others have the final gear resting directly on top of the potentiometer which means the potentiometer can not be removed and yet others need to have the final gear drilled out.

    Please note: If you purchase a servo pre-modified from ServoCity it will void the Hitec warranties.

    If you have any questions about servo modification our techs would be happy to help out! Contact Us

    Don't forget that we price match Hitec servos - we will gladly beat any advertised price! Just give us a shout via email or call 620-221-0123.
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    So is there a 360 degree option?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    So is there a 360 degree option?
    Here is a GWS 360 Deg servo.
    They are popular and a great pan servo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    So is there a 360 degree option?
    There is a 180 and continuous degree option, but not a 360 degree. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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