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Thread: Help me choose - BEC and ESC's

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    Help me choose - BEC and ESC's

    Hi Guys,

    To cut a long story short. I am putting together a Disco Pro and had it all ready for its first flight. However when I was running through the final checks one of the motors would not arm.

    Checked everything, pulled it down and by a process of elimination it seems the ESC has packed it in.

    Now in hindsight, when I was putting the Pro together and did some checks, two of the motors were lazy to start and just did not sound quite right. So after re-seating the bullet connectors, they got better but not quite right. So I calibrated the ESC's and they all seemed to be good to go.

    But now it has apparently failed. It was one of the ESC's on the motors that were originally lazy to start that has now failed. It now has me concerned that the other one is possible going to fail at some stage too. In a nutshell I just don't trust them any more.

    Its also unreasonable to expect the distributor to replace the ESC that 'for all intents and purposes is working' simply because I don't trust it.

    So It seems that the best option is to wear the cost and replace the 4 ESC's. While I am there I figure I may as well remove the NAZA PMU and put in a separate BEC or ESC with BEC.

    Availability of all things QuadCopter down here in Australia is rather limited and after having some great dealings with RMRC, I figured I would simply order from them.

    So that led me looking at ESC/BEC options and is the reason for my post.

    I am currently leaning towards the following options regarding ESC/BEC combinations. The Pro is running 4500mHA 4S Lipo and 900KV motors with 9x5 props.

    Option 1
    ESC - T-Motor ESC - SimonK 35A 2-6s, No BEC

    Option 2
    ESC - Castle Creations QuadPack 35 ESC's (4 total) - 3 ESC's have no BEC, one ESC does have a BEC but they are not SimonK (these are Out of Stock at RMRC but, suprisingly, I can actually get these locally)

    I was thinking of getting the TBS Bulletprof ESC's, but it comes down to how long will it take to get them and in all honesty, it is quicker to order from RMRC and have them delivered, than even ordering locally and having them delivered. So one aspect of my choice is how soon can I get them (yes I am impatient and after 2 weeks of building, testing and learning I want to get the Pro flying) which pretty much leaves me with the options above.

    Ultimately I am looking for simplicity, good brand and reliability (which I know is kind of an unknown quantity as anything can fail)

    I am new to the quadcopter scene so please be gentle But any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
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