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Thread: EZUHF JR module, poor range issue

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    Will there be a 2watt jr module? How close are current ezuhf products to being replaced by a new LRS? I have a lot of ezuhf and the 2w is tempting

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    Probably not. To much interference to the radio. The seperate box is just far enough to not be a problem.

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    Ive been running the JR Module for the last 3 years with out issue. YES, it was a pain in the butt to setup initially and I spent ALOT of time trawling threads to get it sorted. I have posted ages ago in another thread about getting the EzUHF and EagleTree Vector to play nicely together (HERE).

    As far a as range issues go, make sure you have latest Firmware installed on both the Tx and Rx and run decent aerials. Replace the stock Tx aerial with a Moxan (VAS or something similar) and install a Dipole on the Rx OR you can solder a length of flexible wire (equal to the length of the Whip aerial) to the SMA body of the stock aerial.
    I consistantly fly out to 10Km with no issies.


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