Can someone make or post a link for a video on the step by step on how to configure the NAZE32 acro.

If your not really comfortable good with PC and then guys like me will never know what it's like to fly a REAL FC and will be stuck flying the damn KK2 4 ever !!
Really just the damn terminology that is posted in all the threads about this fc and many others that guys like me don't understand !

I did struggle and I still am !
I know how to get my PC to do what I want it to but it's a different story getting your naze32 or any fc that's multiwii based configured !
If you don't know how the hell to even start to set it up .

My mini BAH was all NEW build and I bought it built from a great guy in Tx and he had already flew a few test flights for me and got most of ( from what I've read nothing to it) work done .
So he set it up for me (low rate ) none acro mode until I get comfortable with this mini .
Timecop and many many other users say default setting flys GREAT with this fc and that's what I'm using .
But I still WISH someone would make a SIMPLE video that shows how to start from scratch
1- what and HOW to download the right software
2- how to start installng the software
3- configure the fc
4- the 360* dance
5-setting up all inputs
6- how to configure to a damn SPECTRUM RADIO lol
Trims , end points etc

All explained in terminology that average guys can understand
And explain in layman's terms for average guys

And finally do this In a step-by-step easy to understand video for guys that are scared to swap over to multiwii as these flight controllers or much more advanced than your $25 KK 2 fc

This is the biggest reason why guys like me will never know how GREAT THIS NAZE32 really is !
Because we just don't know how to do the ( it only takes 5min) configure
I'm sure we can and it wound be easy for guys like me once we do it .
We are more than capable of doing it with our average PC skills and want to enjoy these types of fc but ,
I'd bet there are 70% multi rotor pilots out there that are using the KK2 simply because the multiwii based fc are to intimidating to configure for the 1st time therefore guys like that (like me ) may NEVER KNOW what it's like to fly a ( IMHO the best FC for the money and better than $100 fc) multiwii in particular the NAZE32 acro !!

I myself flew a kk2 for 2 years for this same reason
So I've finally took the plunge and bought a BAH that's using the naze32 and it was already configured but I had to use my spectrum radio gear and I had to learn how to set it up with my radio gear.
It wasn't hard but I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing but I got it .
Now I've changed out the orange HK rx to a AR8000 and I can't get the fc to configure with my AR8000 and all I see or all you get as far as a link to a video for the naze32 is the one I know is going to get mentioned in this thread lol
"Mochaboys "

And I can't believe that nobody has made a video for spectrum set up and or EASY STEP BY STEP TO THE POINT set up for the naze32

Yes that video is way to long for average users like me that only want to learn how to set up a new naze32 out of the box STEP BY STEP
I don't want to know all that other stuff ( right now ) but later SURE !! And it's a DAMN GOOD VIDEO AND SURE IVE WATCHED IT A FEW TIMES .
But hey we are new and don't know a damn thing about all those terms and fictions and don't need to know that at this point , but we will want to know everything but for now we just need help to EASILY CONFIGURE NAZE32 / multiwii fc

We just need a very simple video that will make guys like me feel VERY comfortable buying and configuring a NEW NAZE32 and other multiwii based fc .