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Thread: Someone in France getting taken to court over drone flight

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    Someone in France getting taken to court over drone flight

    Maybe this has been posted elsewhere?:

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    UAVs begin to be more and more under the lights in France nowdays ...

    For the Nancy guy, if the attorney maintains the charge of "endangering the lives of others", the maximum for this is 100 000$ and 1 year of jail, for flying his Phantom

    Few days after 2 others stories were told in the media (TV and newspaper) :

    a "professional" who was filming a tanker crash during the operation of the coastguards ...:,1180324.php

    and a men with a small quad flying over La Defense (like Manhattan for Paris)

    hopefully, for Nancy and La Defense, people are more enthusiastic for the results of the video, tahn afraid by the technology.

    However for me the behaviour of these two pilots is a bit unresponsible...

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    However for me the behaviour of these two pilots is a bit unresponsible coque samsung galaxy s8 plus housse galaxy s8 plus.
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    Yep, flying over crowds of people is a big no-no for me. However, on the other hand -- the ridiculous claims of regulators and nay-sayers (such as those industries which feel threatened by drones) is even worse.

    Remember that here in New Zealand, our regulator (CAA) has been claiming that a Phantom 3 caused this damage to the Inconel tailpipe of an AS350 helicopter.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry but I call bullshit on this -- as have a number of other engineers and material specialists who commented on the VLOG video I posted featuring this picture.

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    Yeah, it's a lovely summer evening here in Washington DC and as much as I'd love to take my Nano QX FPV quadcopter across the street and go racing around the Southwest Duck Pond, while bringing my spare goggles along so I can give "rides" to my neighbors, if I did so I'd probably wind up in handcuffs in the back of a squad car. Despite the fact that the Nano QX is so small it's incapable of hurting anyone and couldn't possibly be considered a security threat.

    The no fly zone sucks.

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