I was really happy when I found out that finally there's an really easy way to have a Longrange Radio! The ImmersionRC ezUHF JR Module. After a short search I came to the FrSky Taranis as the "carrier" for this UHF module. The Taranis is out know for at least 6month - and it works well it seems.
Lots of nice features (like telemetry, voiceout, open softer,...).
Second great device is a Diversity 5.8ghz TFT Monitor. Bright, with sunshade and two high quality RX built in a really small device!

Video is long - so here a short index:
0:58 Taranis & ezUHF Module
2:47 "Unboxing" Taranis Radio
9:13 Taranis Receiver X8r
10:26 ezUHF Receiver
14:32 Tip for battery charging mod
17:49 Tip: bypass for internal charger!!!
20:14 TFT Monitor 5.8ghz
23:26 Tip: long hold + for zoom in!