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Thread: DTF UHF 1W LRS transmitter

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    didn't know there was another place to order the hawk eye. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    I am using DTFUHF on my CineTank without issues thus far. Im moving to DTFUHF on my Swift as well soon and Ill report after i have time to fly that. A lot of how well DTFUHF is going to work is how you setup the software. I personally hop over 10-12 channels and make sure that my channels are spread out pretty evenly across the entire UHF band. The other part is going to be your antenna choice. Diamond antenna from RMRC so you make sure its legit, and a dipole on the rx and you will be golden. Oh and turn off telemetry.

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    Good to hear you got it working. I was planning on building my own antennas, probably a dipole for both tx and rx. Will that work or is it better to buy one?

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    The DTF 1w tx is super simple to program. Curious on the dipole on the tx too, I have my dragon link antenna strung out to my roof for my dtf system atm. If a dipole would work better I will get out the ladder .

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    The reason I thought of using a dipole on for the tx is because that is what rchacker did on his openlrs system for both tx and rx (actually he uses an inverted vee). Also I have heard that at least for the rx the dipole is better than a monopole, not sure if that applies to the tx as well.

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    I do recall reading that a dipole is better on both ends, I just haven't heard of any real world experience.

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    Is it true that you can take the bottom portion of a dipole, in this application and coil in like a helical to save some space? I can't find anything on doing just one side of a dipole and it's effect. Anyone know?

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    I do know that you technically can coil it up in some way for a monopole, that's what a lot of the rubber duck antennas are I think. Not sure about for a dipole though.

    If you're short on space inside your fuselage you can just stick it through to the outside. If its foam it's rf transparent.

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    It's on a quad and height is the issue.. It's a Dji f330

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    I do remember reading that for a quad since you're at closer range you won't notice much difference between a monopole and a dipole. So if height is an issue you could just use a short rubber duck antenna.

    Check out this thread:

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