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Thread: FeiYu Tech FY-G3

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    FeiYu Tech FY-G3

    Anyone have the FeiYu Tech FY-G3 on a TBS discovery? I was told I can drill 3 small holes and mount it fwd facing.

    I am waiting for it to arrive


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    Haven't heard about this one yet.

    Airtruksrus Cockpit Ground Station Systems.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.JPG 
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    Here is a pic, that is how i found out

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    Best gimbal for TBS.... Feiyu Tech G3 for go pro 3!

    So I finally got it! I had tried the Martinez and the CSgimbal and it was a headache. I should have gone with this gimbal from the start. Much better and works great too! I just made 2 small holes in the bottom plate on the TBS and mounted using the 2 screws that come with it. I then added the gimbal plate to the bottom of the TBS with double sided tape.

    It can hook to the receiver for control from the radio but I do not have enough channels so I skipped it.

    It looks clean and works great.

    I love that it has 2 buttons for manual up and down settings on the gimbal so you simply power up and then once the gimbal is on and ready you can press the button to tilt it. it will then hold that postion as default.

    ****** I could have drilled the screws more to the side and then left the FPV camera in its place but I was worried about balance so I will use the CSgimbal fpv relocator to move it out to the side (not on pic)

    Here are some pics

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've got a g3 on the way and look forward to mounting it like you did. Do you have any problems with jello?
    Mike - NT7R

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    I flew it yesterday over the river.

    The setting was on 1080 wide and 60fps. I had jello buy very little at the bottom part of the video. So, I will fly again with 720 and 60 fps as it seems what others use.

    The way it is mounted is no different than the CSGIMBAL would have been mounted (direct to frame). but the motors are more powerful, preconfigured and clean design + you get the 2 buttons to adjust tilt before flight. Total price not much more, so worth the extra $$

    I had the piece from the csgimbal kit to move the fpv cam to the side (not in pic above). However I believe if you put the gimbal more to the side, you will not need to move the fpv cam so check that and maybe balance the quad if needed.

    TIP: I took a piece of paper & put under the gimbal & pushed pen tip through the 2 screw holes. Now I had a paper with the exact space between the 2 screw holes. Placed on quad and made the holes.... then use Loctite on screws.

    When you make the 2 small holes (I used a drillbit and used my fingers to rotate till I got through) preferred the slow method.

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    Thanks for the info...
    Sounds like 720 60fps may help with the jello. I found that by placing a neutral density filter over the lens will also help as is slows the shutter speed down.
    Mike - NT7R

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    didn't help much so I mounted on the gimbal structure with dampers. that solved it.

    Now suddenly the gimbal is all crazy and all over the place. Got a mind of its own.

    I re downloaded firmware but it is not fixing it

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    ideas ????

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    I wish I would have realized the g3 could be front mounted on the Disco when I had mine.I may have to pick up another g3 to give it a try.I hate under mounted gimbals on smaller frames.
    Most of the money I made this year I spent on FPV,the rest I just wasted.

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