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Thread: FeiYu Tech FY-G3

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    Yaw and mode control? I guess you are using the 3-axis version then? Are you controlling those through just one channel ore multiple channels?

    I thought i could only control pitch on my 2-axis version, but apparently not. I have been trying to find some sort of pinout chart or anything helpful at all, but the in-depth info on this gimbal is a bit on the low side.

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    Ahh! Yes, sorry... Didn't realize you have the 2axis. I don't know about your wiring but if it helps, the 3axis uses a white wire for pitch. My gimbal came with instructions and they are fairly straight forward even with the broken English lol.

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    Hey guys
    Now Gearbest is also offering the FeiYu Tech FY-G3 at just $101.60, free shipping!!!
    If you are interested in this product, pls take the chance

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