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Thread: 4s flight system and 3s FPV / GoPro coexisting

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    4s flight system and 3s FPV / GoPro coexisting

    I recently had a ground short between my AlexMos control board along the pitch servo lead back to the RX causing the servo lead wire to ignite and the go out after the ground burned through.

    Prior to the ground wire short incident I had flown this rig very successfully for well over a dozen flights with no issues with the system running 4s

    QAV 540G quad
    Brushless Gimbal w / controller

    I'm not still not sure what actually shorted, the AlexMos board died too. But most likely I cause a short somewhere at the AlexMos board when working on it.

    This incident open my eyes to the danger of running everything off one lipo.

    So I've decided to go to a separate 3s battery to run the FPV and Brushless Gimbal and let the QAV flight system be on the original 4s


    I still want to run a pitch control servo lead from my RX (powered by the DJI NAZA) to the AlexMos control board which will be on the 3s system.

    Can I just remove the red (voltage) wire from the servo connection? I'm concerned about miss matches and more ground loop issues.

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    Yes all you need is signal going to the Alexmos that's how I have mine setup.
    Not an expert, just follow direction well....

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