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Thread: New to FPV - Seeking Advice on TBS Disco build plan

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    New to FPV - Seeking Advice on TBS Disco build plan

    Ok, so let me preface this by saying after a few flights of an ardrone i have been bit by the quad bug but obviously not satisfied with the toy i bought on a whim. I have been doing lots of reading and research about what would suit my needs and i believe it is time to pass on the toy to my nephew and build myself a proper quad.

    As i have much to learn, i hope the fpv community here can help me avoid any major and potentially costly mistakes on my planned build and offer any advice before i start purchasing components for my build. I've started enough hobbies in my life where i cut corners to save money only to spend more in the long run upgrading almost immediately to better performing parts, so i want to make sure what i'm going to build is a solid quad that i can get lots of enjoyment out of, and can then slowly upgrade to better equipment over time. Here is what i think i will go with along with a few questions i have:

    TBS Discover ARF (2G4 video, UHF RC) with following upgrades:
    - TBS Top and Bottom Plate
    - 4 Black flame wheel F450 arms
    - DJI Naza V2 with GPS flight controller
    - TBS Core installed with Tin shield
    - TBS Tuned Lawmate 2.4 ghz video transmitter
    - 8 Channel diversity UHF receiver
    - TBS 69 FPV camera
    - 900 kv (x4) motors
    - 4 TBS bulletproof 30A ESC
    - 4 9.5" Graupner E-Props
    - Short servo extensions
    - Velcro straps / TBS loveseat
    - 4S 4.5 ah LIPO battery

    Also was thinking about using the following:
    - Futaba 8FG RC Transmitter
    - TBS Modded EZUHF Transmitter
    - TBS Groundstation with Yagi Antenna
    - Immersion EZOSD
    - Fatshark dominator goggles, possibly the HD version when they are available
    - GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

    If i am missing any key components, feel free to let me know. Also, i thought in the future i may want to add the EZtracker Antenna tracker and build the pan/tilt servo mechanism but assume i wouldn't need that for a while as a new quad pilot with little long distance flying experience

    One big question that i do have, is the Taranis RC Transmitter preferable to the Futaba 8FG? I noticed there is a EZUHF JR module that is easily installed and does not require a second battery to convert the Tx to UHF. I want a high quality radio, as i feel that is something i don't want to cut corners on. I recently came across a thread where the general consensus was the Taranis was better than running Futaba, but would you be able to get the same performance as using the modded TBS EZUHF transmitter?

    Another question i have is if using the modded TBS EZUHF transmitter, is a secondary battery still required to power the UHF portion?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to advice from experienced hobbyists
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