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Thread: What DVR can you recommend?

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    I love puffies!
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    does anyone know how to unlock the rmrc fpv1000?
    I got mine 2 days ago. I recorded 2 videos with it, now it wont power up.
    ive charged it, the little green light is on when charging. but after its unplugged I cant get it to come on...

    any ideas?

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    Have you pulled the battery for ~5mins.? also check the battery voltage with a DMM

    I believe there is a reset button(small pin hole ) hiding somewhere... been a while since I used one

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    I love puffies!
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    Mar 2015
    Cape Coral, FL
    I put a multimeter on the battery. I get 4.2v from each pad if I move the other probe around to the different contacts.
    I will take the battery out tonight after work for an extended time period. When should I be pushing the reset button? Thank you for the quick reply!

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    i have one from HK... it works

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