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Thread: Link Margin, Transmitter Power, Theoretical Range, and Antenna Gain

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    Link Margin, Transmitter Power, Theoretical Range, and Antenna Gain

    I wanted to put together a few posts dedicated to understanding Link Margin, Transmitter Power, Theoretical Range, Antenna Gain, and Free Space Loss. There is a lot of information buried here in the FAQ section, but there really isn't a single comprehensive place to go. This is my attempt explain these terms in an easy to understand way so that those who are new to the hobby have a place to come and get the definitions and concepts in a condensed format. This will be a work in progress and the reserved posts will be updated as I have time to put stuff together.

    If you see any errors or would like to see something added to the explanation please let me know. A PM would be better as to not clutter up this thread. If you would like to tackle one of the sections please let me know, I will update the section appropriately as well as give the person credit for the work/effort that they have dedicated.
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