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Thread: Any Turnigy 9X transmitter owners here?

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    Any Turnigy 9X transmitter owners here?

    I built my first quadcopter and got this transmitter thinking it has rssi but the total lack of documentation in any language resembling real English, is making it really hard to figure out.

    Can someone tell me if it does or does not have rssi and if so how/where to connect my telemetry module? If not, can I get a separate module or system for it or do I need to chunk this transmitter and buy one with it built in?

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    Nope... the stock 9X doesn't have RSSI -- hell, it doesn't even have a range-test mode or user-configurable failsafe. The 2.4GHz system is uber-budget.

    Fit a FrSky telemetry module or handle-mounted transmitter unit (if they still sell them) however and you'll be in luck.

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    Actually this one does have the range test module plugged into the back and I did set configure SOMETHING called a fail safe to cut throttle to minimum and it seems to do that when I turn off the transmitter but still, not seeing any output pins on the receiver end that send that info to the OSD module. BTW, this is the module someone suggested for the OSD interface. As I understand it, the OSD module overlays the telemetry onto the video signal and sends it all back to the ground system via the video transmitter? Is there anything else on the ground end I will need other than the video receiver and goggles or monitor?

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    not , the stock 9x doesn't have rssi. this one does have the range test module plugged. the 2.4ghz system is budget.

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    The range test button doesn't actually do anything.

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    And the failsafe setting is a legacy from the old long-wire PCM module that is no longer sold.

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    The general consensus in my opinion seems to be that the Turnigy 9x is great as an intro to FPV radio since it is so easy to add a LRS to and is a relatively full featured computer radio for the price. I don't know anyone that uses it in its stock 2.4 GHz configuration.
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    I have the flysky version. They are 95% the same. Here is a link to the manual.

    For rssi and a lot more telemetry I use Frsky. Frsky not Flysky to totally different manufactures. Frsky offers compatible products for that radio. Here is a link to a great place to buy Frsky telemetry products.

    I know you did not ask for more but I am so pleased with what this product does for the 9X I just had to post this info. If you ever want to expand the 9x to a crazy amount of capabilities check out this modification. I have done it. The installation was very easy. There is lots of help available.

    Here is a small list of the capabilities:

    Solder less
    Able to flash the original AVR processor
    Uses the original AVR processor as an I/O processor
    STM32F205 32-bit ARM processor, 512K flash running at 120MHz
    1Mbyte EEPROM
    SD card
    Real Time Clock
    Telemetry input - inverting/buffered, supports FrSky DJT, XJT (SPort), HK DSM telemetry
    2 PPM/PXX outputs, one internal
    Power switches for both internal and external modules
    Back light: includes custom-made RGB back light kit, able to select color and brightness.
    Uncommitted I2C connection for future expansion.
    Uncommitted, logic level, serial connection for future expansion, e.g. Bluetooth.
    Unused switch/stick connections on original main board available for future expansion.

    This is who makes and sells the board :

    Here is the place to get help:

    I hope this helps.

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