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Thread: 2 Questions: Mixing Linear and CP and Q about Gatling

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    2 Questions: Mixing Linear and CP and Q about Gatling


    I'm interested to learn some about the Gatling (I fly 1.2 ish). It's a CP antenna - does that mean that I need to have CP on the plane as well?

    Currently I fly a V antenna and a BiQuad... out past 5 miles there isn't even a hint of static, snow - so honestly I don't know what I would gain.

    I would love an antenna that had the dbi of the bi-quad (or more) but with a bit of a broader beam width.
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    The Gatling has a narrower beam than the BiQuad and thus has longer range. It is a circularly polarized antenna and thus you would want a CP antenna on the aircraft. That said, a Vee/BiQuad is a 20-25 mile link. If you're not going for distance and want a wider beam width you can go with a pepperbox (180 degree beam) or even a 3 turn helical (7.5dbic). Both of these would benefit from CP on the aircraft. The 3 turn helical is good for 10 miles or more. The Pepperbox has been taken past 35 miles.

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