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Thread: Brokerage Shipping Fees UPS?????

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    I was just reporting back, to let TBS know I was also charged. This sounds like a bigger issue with TBS then with me. I wanted my equipment and wasn't happy to pay it, but I was prepared for it. Not asking for any sort of refund from you guys.

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    Right, Im in the UK and bought a Disco top & bottom plates plus a EZUHF JR module - First of all WOW only took three days to get from Trappies yard to my front door. Secondly I did not have to pay anything extra.

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    Jut received my Disco Pro Long Range Set and assorted goodies. US$37. I had read the UPS brokerage fee page, and I asked the UPS guy whether UPS did the customs brokerage or a third party that they had to pay for. He looked at me like I was from Mars, and said "All I know is that someone is telling me to get a check from you to receive the package. Make it out to UPS Brokerage."

    I guess I need to look harder into local resellers of TBS. But the few that I've checked out never have what I want in stock.


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    UPS Duty fee and Brokerage Charges for US normal?

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if this is normal? I've never received one of these before and I've order things from over sea multiple times with UPS.

    I've order some parts from TBS and used UPS for shipping and I've got the package about a couple of weeks ago and i just received a bill from UPS for duty fee and brokerage charges. Before sending them my payment I like to find out is this normal? I've known other countries do need to pay extra Duty fees but I've never seen this in the states before is this something new?


    Edit, after reading the 1st post I've paid electrically and will open a ticket with a scan of UPS docs and hopefully a receipt the lady promised me.

    TBS Ticket number 699281 it has a copy of my UPS docs.
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    UPDATE from the TBS warehouse ... after thorough analysis of the underlying dataset (all orders processed with UPS) we came up with a pretty elegant solution how to not cheat customs but avoid the line fees.

    Each invoice position less than 8% of the total invoice value will not be listed on the UPS invoice. Also, all invoices with 5 items or less will be truncated to the 3 most expensive items. Both of these measures will ensure that any items where the line fee of UPS would be greater than the actual customs charge are removed, while still maintaining the overal "integrity" of the invoice.

    I hope this reduces these brokerage fees once and for all now. let me know what you think. we've had items e.g. disco screw set ($1 each) rack up a $3 customs brokerage line fee and $0.08 in customs fee, making a $1 product suddenly cost $4.08 instead of $1.08. such things will not occur anymore now. We can get 62% of all orders to qualify for the "3 items are free of charge" clause, and the remaining 38% will see the line fees reduced and appropriated to sensible figures. in the true sense of the saying "you can't evade death ... and taxes".

    If we take the order from Jeff Troiano just 2 pages back, he had 16 items on it. The 8% rule cuts it down to 3, while keeping 75% of the total order value intact. His brokerage fee was $40.5, $39 of which was line fees (16 items, 3 free, $3 each ... amounts to 13x3 = $39). So the remaining fee is $1.50 and might not be collected in the first place, as the handling fees of such a small payment is usually greater than the amount. 3-4 positions were only closely omitted, so in some orders they may still be included. That would bring the line fees to a much more appropriate $9 - $12, which still is less than 1% of the total order value.
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    I wouldn't go with UPS. Personally I work with W2C Carriers for all abroad shipments and to import to Canada.
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