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Thread: How to attach vTX to a little portable box

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    How to attach vTX to a little portable box

    Hey guys....

    Still haven't had my first FPV flight yet but working in that direction. In my kit of bits-n-parts that I'm using to put together my first FPV equipped plane I have the two items shown here: A little wooden firewall from the guys at Flitetest and a Fatshark 250mW 5.8 vTX. I saw in a video from the Flitetest guys at the end of December that they mounted the vTX into the same firewall and then velcro'd it to the plane.

    My question is.... how do you "attach" and secure the vTX into the little half-cube shaped firewall? Would you hot-glue it in? If so, are there any concerns with where the hot glue is applied? Or would you secure it some other way.

    If there is a better way I don't have to use the little elements firewall. I may just make up something similar out of wood that I can velcro and strap onto my plane. But the question would still remain... how to secure the vTX to a portable base?

    Thanks for helping out this newbie in my learning process here.

    Perhaps this will help illustrate what I'm asking about to....

    If you have a peek at their video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YcdA...K9ckEz1216noAw
    and fastforward to the 3:19 mark, you can see what they did (you'll want to freeze-frame the video at about the 3:43 to see a closeup of what they did). I just can't tell what keeps the vTX in there...
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    I generally do that by means of double sided tape (to provide an anti vibration pad) and some zip ties, job well done
    Cheers, :)
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    Yup this stuff. A million uses. buy the big roll cheapest price per foot. You'll use it.


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    One of the aircraft I want to put a vTX and camera on is a quad. (Blade 350 qx). Mounting seems like it should be on the belly of the quad. Would you guys feel the double sided tape is good enough for a belly quad mount?

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    Yes as long as their is enough surface area on the quad where you stick it. Use one ziptie around it if your still concerned about it but if the area is one square inch or larger the TX is going nowhere.

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