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Thread: Rant,,,,@ Readymaderc

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    I am still confused. You got what was ordered, "Yellow box" why is this RMRC's fault? Why was the corrupt driver RMRC's fault? They are a reseller and just because there is a different version of the item you ordered and now your mad at them?

    1) You got what you ordered. Answer is yes you got what was on the webpage and description.
    2) How is it a retailers fault if the product they sold had a bad driver?
    3) You posted your complaint here and about 4 hours later you got a direct response from RMRC. What else could you ask for from a retailer to make you happy?

    Please answer why you think its their fault.
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    What I do not understand is the word that was in the message sent to me is different than "potato". It started with a C and ended with "OCK".
    If the people on this site are of that low of mentality then I am not sure I want to be on here.

    And I HAVE reported stubbed to the people who run this. Now we will see how they apply the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
    Hey now, no need to call someone that. Keep it a bit more civil please.
    Thank You.......

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    Horrible attitude capt, try not to come off so rude and maybe people would respond a little better to your problems. Way to go rmrc, can't beat your service!
    Not an expert, just follow direction well....

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    CaptJ42, I have been dealing with RMRC for a few years now. They are always super fast shipping, accurate on inventory, and ready to assist if I have any questions. They have an excellent word-of-mouth reputation for good reason.

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    What stubbed lacked in finesse, he makes up for in accuracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust View Post
    And RMRC knocks down another problem in a clear, conseice, and timely manner, even if the customer doesnt contact you guys first, but instead come onto a public forum to bash that which they do not understand.
    Tim (and everyone else at RMRC) We SALUTE YOU!!

    Keep up the good work, and way to take care of business, once again.

    I only read these RMRC threads for the laugh. Every time someone posts a "rant", it turns out in the end that it's their own fault, NOT RMRC's. Always good for a laugh!

    RMRC rocks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptJ42 View Post
    @ Pablo Jaimie.............Too bad that you came here to complain about a FPVLab Sponsor without even contacting him first..." How do you know whether or not I have already contacted them? For you info, I had already contacted them. The reason I posted on here is so other people, who may not have the "wisdom of the weed" like some dry bags do, may be aware of the problems associated with the product.
    As for the yellow box, I quoted from the EZCAP web take up your deal with them, not me.
    Did you follow the instructions given to you by RMRC?? I did some research and cannot find anything that says the "red" box is the original hardware. Maybe the website you were reading, was a website from a fake ezCAP?? If you are going to come in here and start pouting and accusing RMRC of ripping you off, maybe you should show some credible evidence.

    The only thing you have prooven, is you really have no idea what you are doing. Uninstall whatever drivers you downloaded & install the drivers RMRC linked here.

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    Installing Windows USB drivers can sometimes be problematic with any hardware device. To come on here and bash a company without even putting in a support ticket is ridiculous. You'll get better results if you don't act like the part of the horse opposite from the end he eats with. I've dealt with RMRC on several occasions and only had praise for their service.

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    lol...RMRC once replaced my Skylark tracker, just straight over cus it broke (servo). Without questions or anything, a $400 piece of equipment...

    Say whatever you want about RMRC, no one is going to listen to you and you'll just look like a dillhole..they are not only one of the best vendors in FPV but one of the best vendors in any industry...
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