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Thread: FAA Complaince Kit new low price.

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    I'm not convinced of that. The excerpt of the letter they show on their site says nothing about them having the authority to license other peoples' operations. And a massive 50 page application and special FAA authorization isn't even required for tethered balloon and kite operations to begin with. The regulation only says that the local ATC has to be notified 24 hours in advance. There is also no requirement that you use a certified tethering device. Any old rope will do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IBCrazy View Post
    Apparently this went through the FAA and they certified it. I heard about this thing before it was offered for sale as it was going through the process. You are paying for the license to tell the FAA to buzz off.

    Commercial operators don't need a license tell the FAA to buzz off... there's no laws or regulations concerning the use of remotely controlled aircraft to make money. Only policy statements and cease and desist letters with no teeth.
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