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Thread: Ferrite Usage? What do I put these goofy rings on?

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    Ferrite Usage? What do I put these goofy rings on?

    I was wondering if someone could help me and many newbies out. I know that we should use ferrite rings to minimize interference. I am using a NAZA for 90% of my quads if that matters. My questions is where?

    Here are some examples of my setup and questions:
    1)Do we need to have them on the ESC wires that go into the FC that are signal only?
    2)Do we need them on the video signal wires from the camera to OSD?
    3)Do we need them on the vidoe signal wire from the OSD to the VX transmitter?
    4)Do we need them on the power to the Video TX?
    5)Do we need them on the power to the OSD?
    6)Would we need them on 5 and 6 if there was a power filter?
    7)Do we need them on the ESC wire that has the BEC active?
    Do we need them on the wires from the FC to the receiver?
    8)Do we need them on the power to the Camera (small security cam like P0420)?
    9)Do we need them on the wire that comes from the voltage sensor on the OSD (G-OSD3 buy AEO)?

    Any help would be great. I love this new adventure into this hobby and this information will help we and some others rewire our FIRST quads, where we really had no clue of anything!


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    Depends on if you need them.
    I usually have one on the active BEC, not on the signal only ones.
    Sometimes on Video/osd power, really have to try it before you add stuff imo, not between Vtx and camera or FC to reciever.
    Then again I do not power stuff with a ESCs bec, bad move, use a seperate good quality low noise one, they are cheap enough.
    Usually clean up the power IN and short twisted wiring, not next to sources of noise is all I need.

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    I personally don't use ferrites much. I keep the one that comes with the ESC, but don't add any anywhere else.
    The Ferrite is a inefficient inductor, any high frequency components get dissipated as a tiny amount of heat, and only lower frequencies make it through. It makes sense that you don't want the really fast switching triacs of the ESC to affect your receiver, so that's an ideal place for a ferrite. You only need them between fast switching noisy electronics and control signals. If you have an oscilloscope, you'd be able to see the noise that a ferrite would remove, there's no other way to tell for sure.

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    30 years ago I've learned that ferrites are useless above VHF(220MHz) frequencies, do not use ferrite rings w/V.TX or whatever antenna cables. All my gear is free of ferrite rings

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    I only put them on my Sony camera's now...I use filtering for everything else...
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    Thank you for the feedback. Now that I kinda have a clue as to what systems I am running and how to wire stuff, I am reconfiguring all my systems. I am changing wiring plugs so if a camera, transmitter or whatever dies I can connect another one in the field. With the quads opened up, I thought this would be a good time to address these issues as well.

    From my research I will need a power filter added in 3 of the 4 ships I have as they all run off a single battery source. Also going to swap all the receivers to my Taranis system, so it is going to be a busy month!

    Thank you for the tips!

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