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Thread: Theoretical range with TBS recommended gear

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    Theoretical range with TBS recommended gear

    I’m trying to figure out the theoretical range of the TBS gear I recently purchased (TBS Zephyr with the “Deluxe solution”). I say theoretically, because I still have the range test pending. The kit I’m using is the recommended TBS one, as follows:

    R/C System:
    - EzUHF Tx at 600mW with a SRH-771 EzUHF Transmitter Antenna
    - 8ch EzUHF Diversity Receiver (with offset antennas)

    FPV System:
    - Lawmate 2.4GHz Rx (Tuned), connected to a 14dbi Patch Antenna (with about 20cm cable)
    - Tuned Lawmate Tx

    Thanks for your feedback,

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    From the blacksheep website.

    Performance figures:

    Cruise flight duration 50 minutes
    Average flight duration 30 minutes
    Travel distance 30 - 40 km
    Operating range 15km / 9mi with 14dbi Patch Antenna
    45km / 30mi with 24dbi Grid Antenna
    Cruise speed 55 km/h
    35 mph
    Maximum speed
    (level flight) 135 km/h
    85 mph
    Altitude ceiling
    (ASL) 7000 meters
    23000 feet
    Maximum climb 5000 meters
    16500 feet
    Payload Up to 500g
    1.1 lb
    All-up weight 2.2kg
    4.85 lb

    Have you flown much Fpv or range before buying this setup?
    If your plan is to fly long range right from the get go best order another full kit now for a spare.... You're going to need it

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    Only one?
    similis vobis fugere eam furatus!

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    I think this setup is able to give about 30-40 km of range, probably even more.

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