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Thread: The DJI Phantom/Vision thread - looking for advise? Post here

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    The DJI Phantom/Vision thread - looking for advise? Post here

    Happy Holidays FPVLAB members. I just received yesterday, a stock Phantom 2 as a Xmas gift from my daughter and her husband who recently heard me wistfully remembering my days as a geeky and pimply teenager in the 1970s flying gas powered RC planes and helicopters with my father at the (now closed) Philadelphia Navy yard Airfield.. After watching many YouTube and Vimeo videos, of FPV enthusiasts most being half my age with all sorts of Phantom (I) FPV setups, I thought I would reach out to the community.. with the following question: If You were to setup a FPV system with high quality video and goggles through a GOPRO 3+ (H3-2D gimbal) with good range (and.. with the thought that many of these components may someday migrate from the Phantom II to maybe a TBS Discovery, etc.. How would you kit the Phantom2 out? Not looking for the cheapest solution, just one that is highly reliable and functional..

    Many Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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    It would have to be a set of fatshark dominators with the fatshark 5.8ghz module.

    Also an immersion rc 600mw vtx.

    Add a set of cloverleafs, immersion rc do a spironet v2.

    Finally remember to buy the gopro fpv cable which will go from the cam to the vtx.

    Thats prob your best bet for a high quality pick up and go 5.8ghz system.

    Should be able to move that kit to the disco too.
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    The DJI Phantom thread - looking for advise? Post here

    been out of fpv for a few years, now slowly making my way back! I've got a DJI Phtm, using stock radio and tx with an Immersion 5.8 video tx. I have a DragonLink system form a plane that I'm not using, and I'm thinking about moving this to the Phantom. Is there anywhere I can get detailed instructions on swapping out and installing the DL receiver into the copter? Or, for that matter, detailed instructions on changing out the stock receiver with a simple 900 mHz synthesiaed one. Appreciate it!


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    The Phantom has a standard Naza M controller installed. The stock Receiver is connected with an s-bus connection , but you can simply remove the standard receiver and connect your DL to the AETR Ch inputs. And then go to the Naza Assistant software an set Receiver type to Traditional. DJI does have some good documentation on setting up the Naza on their Wiki Pages Here including connection diagrams and configuration instructions.

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    Much appreciated. I'll check it out.


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    Question DJI Phantom V1.1.1 FPV Set-Up.... Please Help!

    I would like to know what a really good working FPV set-up for a DJI Phantom V1.1.1 would be. I will be installing the H3-2D Gimbal with the Upgrade Kit as well. Will be using a GoPro 3 Black Edition Camera. Would like to buy a monitor that I could mount onto the radio. Mount and Monitor?? RX and TX?? What would you recommend that I will need and where could I purchase the things I will need?? Thanks very much for your time!

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    With the v1.1.1, you should be getting 10 minutes+ flying time without a camera/gimble undercarriage. Adding a small camera & 2D gimbal should still allow you to fly 6-8 minutes depending on camera size and gimbal weight. Adding yet more weight for FPV will decrease your flight time to 4-6 minutes if your not flying aggressively. Unless your an experienced quad pilot I'd recommend a cheaper gimbal and camera until you can fly without thinking about piloting. Get good at piloting THEN begin adding accessories. As you add weight, responsiveness decreases and the quad will react more sluggishly. I've got a new v1.1.1 and am also looking into a gimbal and camera to go further into aerial photography. I've been flying the first Phantom (v1.0) for about 6 months with a HEAVY Nikon L20 camera and have gotten some really nice airborne video's. Make sure you practice with Home Lock & Course Lock when you fly... its a great fall back when you get too far a way & you loose orientation.

    Whats most important is to do research based on YOUR specific interests. For me, a flying video beyond 4-6 minutes, almost gets boring so I'm not into long distance flights and the associated increased equipment cost and more restricted flying regime. FPV intrigues me but I care more about getting high quality video than getting a high quality FPV feed.

    Visit a lot of rc forums that support DJI platforms and you'll get a good cross section about their products strengths and weaknesses. The Phantom is a "tough" well built quad that can really take a beating and still fly.

    Warm weather is coming... can't wait to get airborne again.... enjoy

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    My DJI Phantom going FPV

    Hi all,

    To make flying more interesting I'll be updating my Phantom (original first version) for FPV.

    Right now my Phantom is completely stock, however following parts are waiting to be installed:

    - 8" Carbon props
    - Tarot T-2D gimbal
    - GoPro Hero 3+ Black
    - Fatshark Attitude V2 set
    - Bluebeam cloverleafs set (3 & 5 lob)
    - DJI lever to install on the stock Tx

    Also a 2700 mAh lipo on order, see if this one improves flighttime a little.

    Not a bad start I think

    Last thing to buy is an OSD, looking at the Skylark Tiny OSD III for this unless someone can recommand a better price/value OSD? Don't need fancy stuff, batt. level and altitude are enough actually... speed, distance and "home" are nice extra's.

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    Still waiting for the adaptorplate in order to install the gimbal onto the Phantom...
    Very anxious to test it all out!

    Anyone know if the Tiny III OSD already comes with the newest firmware (2.9 I think) installed?

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    Hope it all works out for you, theyre an absolute blast under the goggles when everything works great. Just dont out fly the radio, can be easy to do if sticking with the stock 2.4, the Tiny osd should be all you really need since it's the best guage to tell you to come back before the battery failsafe lands it for you.

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