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Thread: Component Repair Service!!!

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    Burnt out component

    Can somebody please tell me what the component by the knife tip in the photo is. Brand new Unify Pro, not even taken it out and had an accident when installing. Where is the best place to get components like this. Kind regards and thanks in advantage for replies.
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    looks like a sot23-l (probably much smaller) ldo 3.3v dropdown. or maybe 5v. need to have a working one to measure. or if it is tbs or immersion they will tell you.
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    Bad Joshua Bardwell and RaceFlight Revolt OSD boards

    I have a Joshua Bardwell V 1.3 board with a blown 9v regulator.

    Also I have a RaceFlight Revolt OSD board with a bad component too.

    Both components have been circled. Are these repairable? If so what do I need and where do I get them?

    Thank you,
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    i don't think that that is a 9v reg. But they look repairable.

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    got a partly defective immersionRC 600mW vtx

    it had a hard crash from 53meters. sma got ripped off clean from board. found the quad about 5 mins the time it crashed, and was still powered up.

    AND NOW it cant go past 200meters w/o video breakups (this is w proper antennas.pagoda on tx and tripplefeed patch on goggles)

    checked with RF meter, output around 25mW. I guess thus comes from RF module, using the RF booster chip as resistive/capacitive 'bridge' to the antenna.

    ordered the chip amp from ebay. a bit expensive at 5usd a piece. I hope thats the only part that fried.

    and I dont have a hot air rework atm. darn

    **really love this vtx even if its oldschool. clean video even with 4S supply. 'silent' audio even if connections on vtx are open/floating. good smps design with more caps(not sure if input or output side,havent traced it yet). simple RF output booster circuit(few parts) . hope I could fix this up. tis my one and only. got it on BG during sale .

    got damaged just because of rx loss @800meters while testing 433MHz radio link
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