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Thread: Your FIRST FPV video

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    My first FPV flights with the Hoverthings Flip FPV frame... Scary, and a little boring
    Funny to see the difference in pace and control again...

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    First ever videos. Not bad. good try though.

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    Funny to see how we evolve
    I was a LOSer for a year and was trying to attempt FPV but without success. That was the days of a tricopters with 4 gyros on board as a FC and later very first KK. A bit later I stumbled across Juz70 videos and was playing with first multiwii FCs. As I finally had the right gear to start with, I brew a video that made me being very proud of myself and boosted my confidence in FPV. Since then it all started to escalate

    If you're a noob, copy 1:1 what somebody already flies without too much questions, you'll find the answers later.
    PatrikE: I don't see anything wrong in your dump...
    you are flying it LOS... You are doing it wrong.

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    Mine. I was stoked to hit 1k lol

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    Not the first but very, very early.

    The plane was a converted free flight model, the radio system was 36mHz and the video transmitter was a Fatshark 100mw 2.4gHz system, the #11 808 camera did the video, very primitive, and it surprises me these days how well it went, CP antenna's hadn't appeared yet. Jello, oboy!!

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    Learning to fly

    A short collage from my first hover, to about 3 months in, so from Feb 2018 to May 2018.

    And yes, a little humor at the end...kind of cheesy, but I was also just learning video editing, so go easy on me.

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