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Thread: Your FIRST FPV video

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    This is my first one I did. I was flying some FPV before but not ready to risk loosing my camera or venturing too far out. This one I just went for it.
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    bl easy glider rr, rv 900 500 kx161?

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    HAHAHAHAH,,,great thread, check out this noob crap...

    And the same spot three years later...

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    HAHAHAHAH,,,great thread, check out this noob crap...
    AWESOME 2.4 control, 2.4 video! Love it

    Here's mine. Fatshark Aviators, GoPro 960, rubber duckies on both ends of 5.8. Badly tuned original Openpilot board, and before I even owned a decent prop balancer. My palms were sweating so bad I nearly dropped my DX6i twice during the flight. Didn't realize how close I had come to hitting the school/picnic table until I watched the video later!

    Note the "landing". What was going through my head was "oshit, i don't think I can actually land, so I'll get it over the grass, cut the throttle and hope for the best"
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    I finally uploaded my first video!

    The camera used to record was the Pilot HD Cam that comes with the Fatshark teleporter V3, but I still had to adjust the colors a bit.

    Hope you guys enjoy!


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    I didn't record anything from my first flights for about a month. I had been carrying around a camera but no FPV. This is my first recorded FPV flight:

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    My first flight and first FPV video:

    Still have that Ez*. Ran a GoPro for the flight camera, RMRC pan/tilt on a switch, used a monitor out of the back of my Jeep, EzOSD, 1.3G link. Was building that plane through the holidays and finally ready in Jan. Made one LOS flight with all the gear on it and from there FPV flights... and there was no turning back. Can't say I've flown much LOS since then... pretty much exclusively FPV most weekends weekend after that!

    While it's nostalgic to see... all things considered this video is a real bore! hahah
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    One of my first Fpv vids, fighting the wind and hoping I didn't end up in the drink http://youtu.be/4hrTdDiU3SU

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    This is day 1 FPV with Mopius cam fed to FatShark 250 mw to Lilliput monitor

    Day 2 took it down a notch!

    Tomorrow testing BEC on Mopius, then pan/ tilt!

    This stuff is a blast !

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