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Thread: Your FIRST FPV video

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    FPV Addict Scotttu's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Silverdale, WA, USA

    Your FIRST FPV video

    Some of us have been hanging here for a couple of years now.

    I remember being so excited and after just seeing another new member be as excited as I was I thought we should all go back and share our first FPV video...

    This was mine, had to take down from Youtube, the Youtube Gestapo are enforcing all now.

    March of 2012.....
    Zephyr 2, TBS style but I built it.
    (This is actually #2 but made from flight #1)

    "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills"- Author unknown


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    May 2013
    Melbourne, Australia
    I have mine unlisted. This is also my only recorded fpv flight.
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    FPV PILOT ShawnG's Avatar
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    Ferntucky, Wa
    It's cool to see where we all have come from experience and tech wise, also what we are doing differently in just a years time, here's mine

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    Who I am^^ Stuff I Say>> Reverand Blue Chip's Avatar
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    My first upload to Youtube... I think this is before I even had a ground recorder.

    First recorded and posted ground video...
    "He who turns himself into a beast gets rid of the pain of being a man. I became the God Damn Honey Badger." Visit me on YouTube "BlueChipFPV"

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    Is working on 12 projects Sicarius's Avatar
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    NH, Netherlands

    Don't be fooled by the cool youtube stabilization..I was rather twitchy!
    Mostly hovering around, getting used to having the sound in a different spot :P
    Funny to see everyone's first vids!
    Youtube username: SicariusMortus
    FPV NL

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    immersed from the start AtariJoe's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    This was my first. Also the first journey away from my back yard with fpv, these days it has taken me as far as Barbados and made many great memories.
    -LOSers cry wolf when they see SHEEP
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    Instructor Pilot
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    This is my first FPV video, my first time flying anything RC, had never personally seen anyone fly FPV, had never hand-launched, had no idea how I was going to land or how much room I really needed. Basically, idiot n00b. Lost a $100 camera and a battery. It was very nose heavy, windy, and I was flying LOS because my knees were knocking so hard I couldn't walk back to my GS. HAH

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    Navigator deadlypope's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    my first fpv - scared as hell on takeoff.. but once in the air I automatically felt at home.... then scared as hell landing.

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    Underground - Cloud Bound Dust's Avatar
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    Visiting Earth
    This is my very first. Under the goggles from launch to land. I was hooked before I even took my first flight, but this one really sank the hooks in.
    Live Slow - Fly FAST!

    FPV does NOT fly ASAP.

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    Oh man, these bring back some memories... Scottu , AtariJoe I actually remember when you posted those videos! Glad to see you guys still around

    Here's my 1st. Dono how I flew way back then...

    Some fly for attitude, others for altitude

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