Hi, Guys,
Here we offer you an ideal heavy load multicopter platform, the Kraken 130.
This is a huge octocopter that can lift up to 14kg payload
or fly very long time with 3-4 kg payload.
Kraken 130 is designed by Foxtech which is an very ideal platform for heavy loading job and for 3 Axis gimbals.
All the arms are with 5 degree angle to the center plate which will guarantee a stable and high efficiency fly.
We installed a damper plate supported by 8 springs in the center plate to avoid vibration from the propeller and motor.
Not only the gimbal hanging below but the fly control will also benefit.

For using with 3 axis gimbal, all Kraken 130 is equipped with quiet and efficient automatic landing gear ,
so the landing gear will not show in the videos

What we show here is only the prototype, the final version will have better color.
compatible loading bars for most gimbal including DJI zenmuse, 5DII,5D3 and other standard gimbals.

we will put the Kraken 130 on the site soon,
so keep an eye on our website: www.foxtechfpv.com
it will show up at any time
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