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Thread: Rmilec New 30km UHF Control System available at

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    I have seen the rcreview of the original rmilec.

    This one seems to have evolved a bit. I have a mile on this system while running 5.8 IRC video.

    If I was looking for dozens of miles I would be on a different video Freq but if I can hit 2-3 miles with the setup then I am happy.

    The setup has advantages that make it unique. But if the shit isnt gonna have any sort of replacement parts or longevity then it is nothing more than a novelty and is essentially worthless.

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    Actually, I find it interesting that people seem to think 1 mile is a long way. I've done nearly 2 miles with the standard FrSky 2.4GHz system and a 5dBi transmitter antenna using 5.8GHz video. Cheap, simple, reliable.

    Of course if you're operating in an environment where the 2.4GHz band is somewhat noisier, you may not have the same luck.

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    Problem was that I was/am making use of transmitters such as the Tactic 6 channel that I had acquired long before I ever k.ew I wanted to get into fpv.

    Not having a module capable tx kinda limits options. By time I found a module capable tx and went with frsky type diversity rx, i could/did go the relay route whe greatly increasing range capability with other perceived positives.

    Anyhkw here we are 3 months along and I should have just gone for something like the taranis with a piggy backed UHF.

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