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Thread: Dominator HD

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    I don't see where you guys expect this "HD" discussion to go. It is HD technically and compared to the rest of the Fatshark product lineup. You can argue that it's misleading, but to what end? What do you want them to do, rename the product "HR" for "Higher Definition", "BR" for "Better Resolution"? Seriously, talk about beating a dead horse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoTuna View Post
    Though there may be some technical document that makes this claim - the punter on the street won't take anything less than 720 as being HD - for good reason in that the standard is set with TV sets. Even then people have been conditioned now to see 720 as cheap HD and real HD needs to be 1080. The TV marketing guys have done their work well.....
    It's not tv marketing anymore. And it is true for the most part. I perfectly content with 720p versus 1080p. I will however take 4K resolution any day.

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