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Thread: Lazy Man's Fixed Wing

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    Lazy Man's Fixed Wing

    I'll start by saying I am pretty lazy . I have been away from RC planes for A LONG time but FPV technology is getting me interested again.

    Is anyone making ready-to-fly FPV? Ideally I am am looking for a bundle with everything included just to test the water and see if it's something I want to get back into.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Not to discourage you or be a "Debbie-downer", You will find that FPV is not in any way, shape or form a "plug and play" hobby.

    Yes, there are "Starter" packages out there, but they require assembly and that assembly often involves a soldering gun. Not to say you can't get something made for you. You can. But you will pay quite a bit for it, and without first getting your chops on cheaper self-made stuff you are VERY likely to end up with an expensive pile of junk as you crash it. Worse, you could end up with an expensive pile of nothing as that fancy FPV device you paid so much for flies away because you didn't have the knowledge you needed to keep from having a fly-off. You will have a miserable time, you will be upset at losing all that money, and you will probably quit the hobby right then and there. I don't think that's what you want.

    I would LOVE to have you on board as another lover of this awesome hobby. But take my advice and do yourself a favor. Don't be lazy. Take the time and read, read, read the FAQ's and the tons of information available here on the boards, then when you have spent about 6 months reading, START SLOW with a cheapie trainer plane (or a scratch built one if you prefer) and a VERY basic short-ranged setup. Then when you crash (and you will crash. We all do.) you won't be out thousands of dollars, only tens of dollars. You will end up having an awesome experience and will be set up and ready for a lifetime of fun with the hobby. better yet, you will have had time to become a member of the FPV community, and will meet and fly with some great people. Doesn't that sound like so much more fun? I think so, and I think you will too. So get to reading! (You can start on the FAQ boards. I highly recommend the Beginner's Guide if you want a pre-packaged book format guide. Also, spend time on the FPV PILOT TRAINING CENTER thread. Lots of great videos to watch there!)

    EDIT: Realized I had linked one thread but described a different one. Corrected to prevent confusion.
    Have fun! and Good Luck!
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    There's relative ready-to-fly fpv, but as Wearyman points out, even that requires knowledge of what you are doing. Take his advice, read up on stuff and order something like an easystar (or clone) and a cheap setup to get you started. This will on its own already be an expensive joke, but it is more or less affordable and you can learn about what you're doing by just doing it. There's tons of information here but you need to read up on that, you need to know what components you want to use and why, and what kind of equipment you'll be using.

    If anything, fpv is NOT ready-to-fly. And even if it is, you'll probably end up with a very expensive hole in the ground (at best).
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    If you do find a cheap lazy man solution, do let me know! haha

    as long as its cheap ill slap it together and see what i can do!

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    Well... there is this but please, for all of our sake, DON'T buy it.


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    If it all ends badly this time, I'm quitting FPV and RC and taking up golf.

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    yeah you have to build an FPV system. OK Flight Evolution will sell you something turnkey for what $3,000 or so. But that is not really for beginner

    I probably sound like a broken record but here goes. Build a Popwing FPV on 5.8. Kit is like $30, or $70 with power package. I built 2 of these in one evening! Buy some Boscam AIO goggles and 5.8 gear for the FPV. Or go with Fatshark AIO goggles if you prefer. That will get you a very satisfying, very fun to fly, simple resilient FPV plane. Some of the FPV kits you can add on don't even require soldering, you just need to get the right batteries for the job.

    But any of these systems require some RC flying expertise for choosing power systems, servos, setting them up, etc.
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